GolfTopia: How to Troubleshoot Golf

Here are some tips on how to troubleshoot golf courses.


1. The Course has a huge line/congestion
First thing, check the average time to complete the course, it should be around 2 minutes; if its like 4 or 8 minutes you made it too hard or golfers are getting in the way of other golfers and the golfers behind them have to wait. Fix this by redesigning the course or use a fan blowing the balls into the correct direction to decrease the completion time.

2. Everyone keeps smacking each other in head
Ways to try and reduce bonks on the head

  • Increase wait time
  • Put some rocks in between where the two groups of golfers that hit each other on the head are
  • Put courses further away
3. How do i make my course look more challenging
The ui has a button that shows you where the balls actually land, and late game the total area of this should go down, so if you want to make the course look more difficult you can use the ui button to show where balls actually land, and then put sandtraps on the border of where the balls land, so that they don’t actually land in the sand traps, but they get close to landing in the sand traps, making you course seem more challenging and increasing the rating.

4. How do I increase/decrease the difficulty
Use the same ui button from last section (its on the top of the screen when inspecting a hole or a tee. If a trap is inside the area where the ball is known to land, that means the ball can and will land there; so if you have too much area of sandtraps/mud/water/rough in that area you will get unhappy golfers, but if you have zero sandtraps/mud/water/rough in that area, the golfers will get mad about over automation.

So to reduce difficulty, add more fareway to the ball landing areas, to increase the difficulty, add more rough,sandtraps,mud,water.

5. My golfers are complaining they are tired but fatigue is at 0/low%
Golfers get mad if they have to walk too much even if you treat their fatigue, so add another transport tube to where they are going to reduce how much they are walking, and if you dont have it but can buy it, purchase the hoverboards.

6. I have too much money/happy golfers and i want more weeds
1.Select manager, turn on golf mode, and then turn on jerk mode; now find the golfers with the highest membership levels and aim golf balls directly at them. If you are successful they will cancel their membership and run at you with a golf club. This is good!

2. Put billboards everywhere, even directly in the middle of your courses as a new type of obstaicle

3. Delete a golf course with golfers currently on it, use terraform tools, and get golfers stuck on an island. Havent tested this yet but no reason to believe they won’t get mad at this. Science completed, golfers will just swim if you try and get them on an island, swimming makes them mad though

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