Goose Goose Duck: 100% Achievement Guide

This guide includes descriptions and tips for every achievement in the game.



The majority of achievements in this game are simply cumulative, meaning you will get them over time for playing the game (although several of them will take 1,000 hours + of play to earn legitemately). There are still a good 8-10 that you can earn in the first few hours of play, and a couple that you likely would not get by accident (under Hidden Achievements – One Time).

Standard Achievements
All of these achievements are cumulative in nature.

Achievements for Completing Games

Earned for completing 1, 10, 100, 1000, and 5000 games. My best tips would be to try and make sure games do not drag on by leading discussions in chat if alive, and by not leaving the game early if you can avoid it.

Achievements for Winning Games

Earned for winning 1, 5, 75, 500, and 2500 games. Each role has its own win conditions (Goose, Duck, Dodo, Vulture, Lovers), learn the best ways to complete these conditions quickly and make sure to use them. There are guides about playing these roles.

Achievements for Completing Tasks

Earned for completing 10, 50, 500, 5000, and 25000 tasks. Just try to do your tasks quickly each game so that you have completed as many as possible even if the round is short, and do your tasks as a ghost if you die. I am uncertain if duck tasks or fake tasks count towards this total, but you should be activating sabotages as duck anyway.

Achievements for Killing Geese

Earned for killing 1, 10, 75, 500, and 2500 geese. Make sure to be killing as duck whenever feasibly possible, even encouraging a skip in a smart way to not vote out geese (since they might be the dodo). I am guessing that killing geese as Sheriff or Vigilante would count as well, but killing geese in either role is usually unproductive.

Achievements for Sabotaging as Duck

Earned for calling sabotages 1, 10, 100, 750, and 2500 times. Make sure to activate sabotages early in the game so that you can call one or two even if the round is short. Make sure to be calling sabotages as a duck ghost to help your partner. PS – you can still activate more sabotages as a duck ghost as well.

Achievements for Using the Intercom

Earned for using the intercom in security 1, 10, 100, 750, and 3500 times. The intercom is activated by a goose task in Bridge, and can be used from Security if you’re alive, regardless of role. You can use the intercom only once per game. My best tips for this are to stay alive, check security frequently until the intercom is active, and make a beeline for security once you see someone using the intercom.

From top to bottom: the goose task to activate the intercom, the intercom in security, and a visual of someone using the intercom in game.

Hidden Achievements – Cumulative

The following hidden achievements are cumulative counters of more specific actions and events. Aside from just playing the game, I don’t have tips for any of these.


Get ejected into space 100 times.

A Day at the Spa

Complete the test hot water task 250 times.

We Need More Lemon Pledge

Complete the clean manifolds task or disinfect showers task a total of 500 times.

The Cleanup Crew

Complete the sort waste task or eject garbage task a total of 500 times.

Hidden Achievements – One Time

These achievements are all for a specific event happening one time. A couple are RNG based, and a couple can be done purposefully.

I’m Going to Burn this Place

Fail to scan your ID card more than 10 times in one game. Wait for a game when you have the card swipe task, grab your card from security, and go to the Bridge. The following method has not been tested. Swipe your card across the reader until you hear a beep, let go of the card, and exit the task. Open the task again, swipe, listen for the beep, and close it again. Rinse and repeat until you have failed 10 times.

Warp 9 Engaged

Engage warp 9. This is part 2 of a task that starts in reactor; this achievements is solely based on RNG. When you complete the activate warp task, it will activate a random warp from 1-9, so you have to keep completing the task until you get warp 9.

End of activate warp task where it shows which warp you activated.


Eject everything but the diamond ring from the trash chute. This one is not too hard but takes some patience. Pull the lever and tap the button a few times to move the ring up. Hold the button to let some trash out, and let go before the ring gets too far down. Tap the button a couple times if the ring moves down towards the bottom. Keep a close eye on the ring and eject the other bits of trash little by little. I was able to get this on my first try after I knew what I had to do. If you eject the ring, you can always close the task and reopen it to reset it.

Trash chute before and after completing the achievement.

Written Out of the Script

Get killed by being ejected out of the airlock in storage. This is a special kill that ducks can activate, and I have listed the steps to perform it below. As a goose, just hang out in the airlock room and hope the ducks eject you. I’m pretty sure you can get killed this way as any role, but you can’t activate the trap and die to it at the same time.

Steps to open the airlock as a duck:
1) Stand in the airlock room and wait for a goose/geese to enter.
2) Sabotage the doors or wait for a goose to close the doors to the airlock (nearby task).
3) Vent to bridge.
4) Pull the lever in bridge when geese are trapped in the airlock. The interface will only show up if the airlock doors are closed.
5) (Optional) Vent back to storage and view the bodies of your victims floating in space.

Where the interface for opening the airlock doors is located in Bridge.

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