Gorky 17: How to Enable FullScreen & Change Resolution

This guide will show you how to change the resolution of Gorky 17 to 1600×900, and enable Windowed Fullscreen for an easier time minimizing the game and switching between programs.
It also happens to fix cutscenes and enables Steam Overlay.


First, you’ll need to download dgVoodoo 2.52.[dege.freeweb.hu]

The latest version, which is 2.72 at the time of me writing this, doesn’t seem to work.

After you’ve finished downloading it, extract and open the zipped file.

Next, open “dgVoodooSetup”.

Enabling Windowed Fullscreen
Once you’ve opened it, you should be greeted by this screen.

If not, then simply head over to the “General” tab, where you’ll find an option to enable Windowed mode under the “Appearance” section.

Next, press “Apply” and move onto the “DirectX” tab.

Changing the Resolution
I haven’t fully experimented with all of the settings, since I decided to stop after having gotten the game to succesfully launch.

You can either copy these, or tweak them around to your liking.

Setting the resolution to 1920×1080 prevents me from being able to start a new game or load saves, but your mileage may vary.

After you’re finished, press “Apply” and then “OK”, which will close the program.

Enabling Your Changes
Head into the unzipped file again, and open the “MS” folder.

Copy the files within it, and then paste them into Steam > Steamapps > Common > Gorky 17.

Launching the Game
Make sure to select this rendering method, otherwise none of the changes you made will be active.

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