GrandChase Guide (Best Food, Currencies and Fast Leveling)

A guide in helping new players who never played GrandChase before, sharing useful tips and tricks in-game.


Best Food for Pets?

So you’re thinking about feeding your pet but aren’t sure what item to feed it with?
*Note: 1000 repletion point = 1 meat. Every Dungeon/PVP will decrease repletion by 10.
There are 4 Items that you can use to feed your pet:

  • Crystals
  • Gems
  • Pet Food
  • High-Quality Pet Food

Crystal can be used to feed your pet, giving 150 repletion points per Crystal.
How to get Crystal?
You can get Crystal when defeating bosses in dungeon.
(Some boss in dungeons only yield 1 Crystal.)
Where to farm Crystal?
You can farm Crystals in Trail Forest, because there’s only 3 stages which is easy to finish.
The other Dungeon you can farm is in île de Frost Continent : Arachne’s Nest.
(If you are going to farm Crystals it is best to do solo than Co-op, because if you are going to farm Crystals with other players you will have to roll the dice on who’s going to get the Crystal.)
*Note:It is not recommend to use Crystal as food for your pet, because if you are think of crafting you will need to use Crystals to Craft Gears, Accessories and Weapons, which needs a lot of Crystals to make.

Gem can also be use to feed your pet, giving 200 repletion points per Gem.
How to get Gem?
You can get Gems in dungeons, quests, and Shop for 1000 GP per Gem.
*Note:It is recommended to use Gems as pet food since you can easily earn a lot of GP as you progress through the game. A F2P Player’s Pet Food Item.

3.Pet Food
The Pet Food item, gives 3000 repletion points each.
How to get Pet Food?
You can only get Pet Food via The Shop in VP(Cash Shop) tab, I forgot how much the Pet Food cost.

4.High-Quality Pet Food
The High-Quality Pet Food item, gives 6000 repletion points each.
How to get High-Quality Pet Food?
The same with Pet Food only acquired via The Shop in VP(Cash Shop) tab.

Do I recommend buying Pet Food or High-Quality Pet Food?
For me, No. Unless you just want to burn some money to the game.

GrandChase Currencies

GrandChase has 4 Currencies:

  • GP (GamePoints)
  • PP (PowerPoints)
  • VP (VoucherPoints) aka Cash or K-Ching
  • Hero’s Bullion

Main Currency of the Game, it can be used to buy items in Shop, as well as to craft items along with the materials.
How to Get GP?
You can get GP by selling untimed items, or through events, or by completing dungeons. When doing dungeons GP can be picked up by defeating monsters. Silver Coin = 10GP while Gold Coin = 50GP.

Second Currency of the Game, only used to buy items in Shop in it’s specific Tab.
How to Get PP?
PP can only be obtained by attendance, everyday GrandChase Classic Attendance gives you PP after you play GrandChase for 30mins.

Third Currency of the Game, also used to buy items via Shop in VP and CoordiShop(aka Avatar Shop or Visual Shop).
How to Get VP?
(Will update this if it’s confirmed in the actual release.) You can earn VP every time you start a new character by doing the Challenge Quest, or buying it with real money.

4.Hero’s Bullion
Last Currency of the Game, can be used to buy items in the Hero’s Bullion Shop.
How to Get Hero’s Bullion?
You can get Hero’s Bullion when you complete a Hero Dungeon, Combining 4 different Continent Pearls = 1 Hero’s Bullion, or Combining 10 Hero’s Bullion Fragment = 1 Hero’s Bullion.
(When you successfully completed the Hero Dungeon, it will give you 1 Hero’s Bullion and 1-2 Hero’s Bullion Fragment. But if you failed your Hero Dungeon it will only give you 1-2 Hero’s Bullion Fragment.)


Fast Leveling

So, you want to quickly level up in the game?
There are two methods for faster leveling your character up:

  • PvP
  • EXP Bonus Items

From my experience, it appears that PvP is the quickest way to level up your character.
Actually, it provides much more EXP than dungeon runs, I’m not sure how much EXP you get, but I can tell you that the higher your level, the more EXP you get.

2.EXP Bonus Items
Armors, Weapons, and Accessories (I think) can have stats that grant EXP Bonus, but the % of that EXP Bonus varies, with EXP Bonus ranging from 1 to 10%. (not sure if this correct, will update this.). Crests, on the other hand, can provide you with an EXP Bonus ranging from 1 to 7%, 9% and 15%. However, keep in mind that obtaining Crests is a bit of a grind; you’ll have to complete the dungeon multiple times to get one Crest in Champion Mode, yes, Champion Mode.

Here are the Champion Crests with EXP Bonuses.

1% EXP Bonus

Name of the Crest
Continent | Dungeon
Number of times
[Pioneer of Enlightenment]
(Bermesiah | Forgotten City)
(Bermesiah | Gaikoz’s Castle)
[Treant Master]
(Silver Land | The Whispering Woods)

2% EXP Bonus

Name of the Crest
Continent | Dungeon
Number of times
[Silver Knights]
(Silver Land | Ruins of the Silver Knights)
[Claw Shrimp Slayer]
(Silver Land | Lake Aurora)
[Primeval Herbicide]
(Silver Land | Primeval Island)
[The Sagacious Ruler]
(Silver Land | King Fang’s Lair)
[Black Knights]
(Silver Land | Victor’s Fortress)
[Poseidon’s Successor]
(Ellia | Partusay’s Sea)

3% EXP Bonus

Name of the Crest
Continent | Dungeon
Number of times
[Crest of the Aquamarine Knight]
(Silver Land | King Guang’s Fen)
[Devil Hunter]
(Ellia | Kamiki’s Castle)
[Hell’s Revelation]
(Ellia | Hell Bridge)
[Grand Chase]
(Ellia | Kaze’aze’s Castle)

4% EXP Bonus

Name of the Crest
Continent | Dungeon
Number of times
[Basilisk Slayer]
(Ellia | Temple of Fire)
[Peryton’s Successor]
(Ellia | Kastulle Ruins Lower Floor)
[Guardian Knight]
(Ellia | Battle for Bermesiah)
[Keeper of the Flame]
(Xenia | The Wyrm’s Maw)
[The Guardian of Life]
(Xenia | Forest of Life)

5% EXP Bonus

Name of the Crest
Continent | Dungeon
Number of times
[Vanquisher of Kastulle Ruins]
(Ellia | Kastulle Ruins Upper Floor)
[Nature’s Messiah]
(Xenia | Temple of Cuatal)
[Sprocket Warrior]
(Archimedia | Hammer’s Reach)

6% EXP Bonus

Name of the Crest
Continent | Dungeon
Number of times
[Frontier Legend]
(Xenia | Xenia Border)
[Fire and Brimstone]
(Xenia | Temple of Destruction)
[Explorer of Steampunk Worlds]
(Archimedia | Under Hammer)
[Dwarven Warrior]
(Archimedia | Thunder Hammer)
[Gate Breaker]
(Archimedia | Relics of Kounat)
[Elven Savior]
(Archimedia | Zeruel)
[Desert Eagle]
(Alcubra | Goblin Work Site)
(Alcubra | Underpass of Lost Hope)
[Kungji Kungji]
(Alcubra | Kungji Village)

7% EXP Bonus

Name of the Crest
Continent | Dungeon
Number of times
[Frontier Chase]
(Archimedia | Zeruel Border)
[Illusion of Grandeur]
(Alcubra | Sands of Illusion)

9% EXP Bonus

Name of the Crest
Continent | Dungeon
Number of times
[Warrior’s Judgement]
(Xenia | Altar of Judgement)
[Ascendant of Heavens]
(Xenia | Fortress of Ascension)
[Scorpion King]
(Alcubra | Deserted Town)
[Horus’ Blessing]
(Alcubra | Seth’s Pyramid)

15% EXP Bonus

Name of the Crest
Continent | Dungeon
Number of times
[Kounat’s Return]
(Archimedia | Kounat’s Collapse)
[Desert’s Tyrant]
(Alcubra | Ra Canyon)

Thanks to ZELKEY for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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