Graveyard Keeper: 100% Achievement Guide (Better Save Soul DLC)

Here is a guide to get all Better Save Soul DLC achievements in Graveyard Keeper.


Strange delivery

To start the DLC you will need to receive a corpse, then an extra corpse will appear, after a cutscene you will meet Eric.

A locked ghost from the past

The achievement will unlock after Euric kick a closed box at the top of this new location.

A habitable room

Restore all furniture in the basement where Euric will live.

A lost stained glass window

After restoring Euric’s room, he will help you to take a stained glass window to the church, then the achievement will be unlocked

Long-awaited appreciation

Hidden Achievement

Get the poem for the bishop with Wagner, if he’s already gone, talk to him through the Royal Service box. With the text and a soul fragment in the inventory, you’ll receive the achievement and the first fragment imbued.

The first session of curing therapy

After getting the fragment from the bishop, talk to Euric to do the first session.

A controlled ignition

Hidden Achievement

Talk to Clotho to get the witch’s ashes. With these ashes and a soul fragment in the inventory, talk to the inquisitor to obtain the second fragment imbued.

A fortunate gift

Hidden Achievement

Talk to Clotho to get a recipe for a sauce (mayonnaise). Now take some oil, eggs and salt and go to the church table (in the alchemy room) to create this sauce. With the sauce and a soul fragment in the inventory, talk to the merchant to obtain the fragment imbued with gluttony.

The second session of curing therapy

With the fragments obtained from the Inquisitor and the merchant, talk to Euric to do the second section

Endless sadness

Hidden Achievement

Just go talk to the astrologer with a soul fragment in his inventory and ask about his day, so you will get his fragment imbued.

The birth of passion

Hidden Achievement

With a soul fragment in the inventory, talk to Ms Charm and ask her if she wants some dance lessons, Euric will appear and teach her how to dance, so you will get an embedded fragment.

A vulnerability for authority

Hidden Achievement

With the text of the fake rumor created by Euric and a soul fragment in the inventory, talk to Snake, then you will get the fragment imbued with envy.

The third session of curing therapy

With the soul fragments obtained from the Astrologer, Ms Charm and Snake, talk to Euric to begin the last section.

Dissatisfied villagers

After a few days of the last section with Euric done, you’ll wake up with some villagers in your house, after a cutscene in the tavern you’ll gain the achievement and a to-do list to repair the village.

Help the villagers

Do all tasks that the tavern owner gives to you, after completing it, you will receive the achievement. They are:

Part 1:

  • Fix the tavern table: (4 flintchs + 5 nails + 2 complex iron parts)
  • Fix the blacksmith’s bathroom: (2 wooden planks + 4 nails + 1 wood repair kit)

Part 2:

  • Repair the Adam’s table: (2 flintchs + 1 stone + 3 nails)
  • Fix the egg basket (east of the tavern): (2 sticks + 1 wooden repair kit)
  • Fix the beekeeper’s two hives: (4 flintchs + 6 nails + 10 bees)

Part 3:

  • Fix the farmer’s lamp: (2 stones + 2 simple iron parts + 1 glass)
  • Clean the cow north of the tavern: (4 ashes)

Part 4:

  • Clean the village: (these tasks can be done while completing the previous ones):
    – Fix the clothesline near the potter (2 sticks + 2 ropes)
    – Take out a box that is behind the beekeeper
    – Take out a pile of glasses that are between the tavern and where the merchant stays
    – Fix two barrels near the door where the merchant stays
  • Remove the door that is near the entrance to the village

Now go to the tavern and talk with the owner, you will receive the achievement and he will say to you talk with Tress, with him you will receive recipes to use on your house decoration. The inks used on these decorations you can buy with him.

Return to the beginning

Hidden Achievement

After repair everything in the village, talk to the ghost Smiler. He’ll give you a quest to talk to the Snake. Talking to Snake, you discover that Gerry must have the missing pages. Talking to Gerry he says that he doesn’t know where it is, and after you search in his crate, you’ll find the missing pages in the gravedigger’s book. Save now if you don’t want to lost the ghost. Now talk to Smiler and you will send him to the realm of the dead, now you will receive the achievement.

Thanks to Alizo for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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