Green Hell: Executing legends in Green Hell “Spirits of Amazonia Part 2”

In this guide, I will show you how to complete all the new legends in the second part of the Spirits of the Amazonia.


Foreword (Map and passage to the new-old region).

First of all, I will say that all the legends that are presented in this guide are performed on the second map (second part) of Green Hell “Spirits of the Amazonia”.

Where can I find this map and the entrance to the new location?
I will show you now.

Here is the entrance to the new area (which is actually old, but with some changes).

Go to the right side of the cave. The view should be as follows. I stand with my back to the exit to the new location.

You will have to go to the familiar lake from the usual Green Hell storyline.
But now most of the water bodies are polluted with waste.
If you step into this water, you will receive the first level fever and damage.

For the water to stop being so cruel, the waste must be removed.
Collect all the bottles with the toxin and be sure to burn them at the stake (otherwise the water will not be corrected).
For cleansing a local drinking source – get 25 trust in a new indian village.

By the way, about the new village. Here is its location.

In it, you will need to talk with the leader in order to receive further instructions – to re-gain TRUST.

I will list the methods of building trust (on the second map), and then I will show the location of the map:
Cleanse reservoirs
Bring children
Cure missing hunters from vomiting (they lie in caves and the level of vomiting is about 3-4)
Break small and large camps of enemies (a huge indian boss sits in large ones)
Fulfill Legends.

Now the location of the map. Should be in one of the boxes or baskets.

There will also be an antenna in the car for further advancement in the story. But that’s a completely different story.

Let’s get down to legends!

Map with the locations of all the stones with legends.

But before proceeding with the legends, it is necessary to read all the inscriptions on the pebbles.

A familiar topic, huh?

Catch the map, read all the stones and then start working. (Screenshots from different angles)
On the second screen, I crossed out one stone, since its location on the map is incorrect.
The real place of this stone is marked in orange.

Now 100% to the legends!

Legend “Blood Tears”. Difficulty – I did not feel the freebies.

The first legend in my book is “Blood Tears”

After collecting all the stones suitable for this legend – a question mark will appear on the map in the next place.

We go to this painfully familiar sign and understand one simple thing – you need to dive.
And so we do!
Bomb in this place and go deep under the water, where we are forced to find the oars.
Among these oars is an ornament – a bracelet.
It must be taken and taken to the leader of the tribe of the second card.
When you give the bracelet to the leader, you will receive one hundred trust.

Legend “Gifts of the Jungle”. Complexity is normal.

The second legend in the book in my pocket is “Gifts of the Jungle”.

It will already be more difficult than the first, but it is still almost easy to do.

Having written down the necessary sentences for this legend – in the second village it will be possible to build an ancient drum.

What is needed to build it?
Log (visible on the screen xD)
Little Tapir Skin

The only question is the skin of a small nosed fool.
Where can I find it and what does it look like?
Here and so!

I met 2 at once at night.
It’s a shame, but what can you do. We tear off the skin and drag it to the drum. And then a liana.
And then to the leader for trust, the amount of which will be equal to a hundred.

Legend “The dance of death”. Difficulty – above average (depends on the skill).

In short, the book said that the third and final legend in this supplement to the supplement is “The dance of death”.
We do it!

The name does not correspond to the content at all 🙂 (this is a spoiler).

Again, a stinking question spawned on the map, which will have to be approached.

This time we stand in front of a cursed cave, whose passages were enveloped in the magic of a mighty beast
I call him Hacker.

We pass to the end of this cave (as carefully as possible, otherwise you will be eaten by scorpions and spiders).
Arriving, you will stumble upon piles of bones and a small altar, on which you will have to put turtle meat for three days. One piece of meat every day.

It’s time for the fourth day. Now your goal is to kill the evil cave monster.
He should appear at night that day.

This beast “Drum roll” – PANTHER (or something like that).

Think the fight is going to be super hard?
For your information – Hacker flies off with one arrow to the head.
Tough, right? And where is ” The dance of death”?
In short, kill mega easy if you have a bow and aim.

Loot it 100% because it will drop a tail.
The tail will have to be given to the leader in order to get 1 and two zeros of trust.
Also i will drop the first Part Legends tommorow.

Thanks to Kaiman for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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    (June 29, 2021 - 5:53 pm)

    Awesome guide! I’ve gained the trust of the village but now see no way to progress! I’m stuck. Help!


    (June 30, 2021 - 9:33 pm)

    Do you know how/where we go to replace the broken antenna?


      (July 27, 2021 - 8:42 pm)

      Patrick return to the small boat in the other map with the antenna for repairing radio

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