Grimm’s Hollow: All Endings Guide (Tips for Fighting Baker)

Once you know how to get them, they’re very simple. Includes fighting tips for the final boss.


Ending One (Worst Ending)
You fail to fight Baker, and you dont have all of your skills maxed out. (Timmy turns into an enemy ghost, and Lavender attempts to fight Grimm when he tries to kill Timmy. It is an impossible fight and you die in one hit. Afterward, he kills Timmy and Lavender goes insane trying to reap enough ghosts to go to the afterlife with him.)

Ending Two (Neutral Ending imo)
You win against Baker, but you still dont have your skills maxed out. (life, but Lavender stays with Grimm as you can’t go to the afterlife.)

Ending Three
You fail against Baker, but you have maxed out skills. (I havent seen this one yet because I forgot to save after grinding enough Spirit Points, and am too lazy to do it again. TwT)

Ending Four (Best Ending)
You win against Baker, and have maxed out skills. (Lavender and Timmy go through the gate, but they sadly separate as Timmy returns to life and Lavender moves on to the afterlife. Shortly afterward is a letter written by Timmy directed towards Lavender.)

Tips for Fighting Baker
If Baker seems like a difficult fight, here are some tips:

-There’s a shop at the end of a literal bread crumb trail where they sell Mork. This fills up your blue meter completely (I think it was called Action Points?) and they’re pretty cheap, so take a few. Same with the chocolate cakes.

-Baker is a purple/violet ghost, so I recommend filling up the corresponding flame as much as you can before fighting him, as it deals very high damage.

-If you’re going for the endings that require you to have maxed out stats, it should be much easier to fight him.

-If you aren’t going for the maxed out endings, I still recommend that you fill up your Willpower, Attack and Defense. He uses skills like you, mostly Pierce and Poison, so youll need a lot of health to combat that. (I think he might shatter your defense at some point, though Im not sure. Prepare for that anyways!)

Thanks to The_Golden_Kitsune for his great guide on how to get all endings and tips for fighting Baker, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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