Grotto: All Constellations Guide

Complete guide to all the available constellations, which will get you the achievement.


How To Make Constellations

In order to create constellations, you have to stand on the rock in front of your tent and look up into the hole in the cavern above you at the sky.

All the constellations are made from a combination of lines and shapes. It doesn’t necessarily matter which stars you connect, since the constellations are based on the number of stars included in each line or shape. You can use multiple variations on the same basic combination and get the same constellation. For example, if a constellation requires a three-star line and a four-star shape, then they can be any three stars connected in a line and any four stars connected into a closed shape.

See below for examples of different ways to make the “Mask” constellation, which is one of the default ones that are unlocked from the beginning.


As you discover new constellations, they get added to the cave wall.

Below are pictures from the cave wall that will show you which combinations to put together to get certain constellations.

Constellation “Recipes”

(Click to enlarge images — SPOILERS FOR IN GAME CONTENT!)

Hare: 5 star line + 5 star line
Instead of running, the white hare was taught how to stomp its paws firmly, then slide both ground and foes backwards.


Icicle: 5 star shape + 5 star shape
When water hates crops, it becomes a sword.


Root: 3 star shape + 4 star shape
It doesn’t move, yet it keeps growing. It has no legs, yet it gets placed. It has no beauty, yet it will heal a many flowers.


Shadow: 3 star shape + 3 star shape
The lecher makes a wish, the wohre grants a groin. In the shadows, a secret is shared amidst worlds.


Mask: 4 star shape + 5 star shape
The face behind the face behowls the face ahead the face.


Awaken Volcano: 3 star shape + 6 star shape
Afore falling back over the volcano, drawing a red burning dress over its open breast, lava drains the clouds out.


Crab: 4 star shape + 4 star shape
My red impervious skin protects me. My pincers protect me. Walking sideways protects me.


Frog: 5 star line + 4 star line
“I’ll teach you to be like me,” said the frog. “Give me your legs,” the tadpole replied.


Lily: 4 star line + 4 star shape
Fortune comes unto those who seed lilies, for their necks break even the driest soil.


Ivy: 6 star shape + 4 star line
A thousand arms of green dance their way up the tree and around it, suffocating it.


Hedgehog: 5 star shape + 4 star line
Build a bastion on your bended back, secure it with spikes and let stillness be your strength.


Tears: 4 star shape + 5 star line
Hurting eyes may water the desert.


Moose: 3 star line + 5 star line
Squeezed in its little head, the moose’s thoughts about danger pierced its skull and became antlers.


Mammoth: 5 star line + 5 star shape
The day its feet get slower than the herd’s, it will leave and seek the hunter’s mercy.


Mole: 3 star shape + 4 star line
Buried but breathing. Blind but brave. Breeding. Blessed.


Hurricane: 3 star line + 3 star line
Everything my eye catches will become my prey.


Birds: 3 star line + 4 star line
When their beaks emerge empty from the barren earth, birds plunge the blue above in search of new harvest fields.


Horse: 3 star line + 5 star shape
Hooves yield to the honest horseman’s hold, never whining, never denying, never neighing “where?”


Scorpion: 3 star line + 3 star shape
As its own sting pierced its back, the scorpion felt treason and the graveyard’s call. The sting, though, felt free.


Wind: 3 star line + 6 star shape
And the wind will spread our seeds, and life will bloom somewhere, and the storyteller will blow new truths into our hearts.


Squid: 3 star shape + 5 star line
Its mouth spits darkness. Behind its walls it crouches.


Sleeping Volcano: 3 star shape + 5 star shape
Deep in the volcano, oinks a drove of lava drops. Ghosts from long-forgotten gushings hush their prayers.


Mountain: 3 star line + 4 star shape
“My head is so high,” the mountain complained,”that I’m always the first to be rained and snowed on.”


Sword: 4 star line + 4 star line
Be the point that sets the path, the edge that makes the cut, the hand that wields the grip, the smith that forges the sword.


And that should be all of them! Thanks for reading my guide! Hope everyone has fun playing this wonderful game!

Thanks to OH NO! for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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