Grow Song of the Evertree: All Lucky Boxes Guide

Here’s a description of the Lucky Boxes for your towns

also SPOILER :
the locations of the Secret Lucky Boxes you can find on the map of Alaria.


What are Lucky Boxes for ?

Lucky Boxes give you similar to all the other opportunities (harvesting, quests & so on) gameplay items (hats, hairs, keys & so on ). The wins are randomized here as well.

The difference is, once per day you are able to get one item from each Lucky Box, you know where you placed those & it’s only one click.
& since you can have as many General Stores in your towns as it pleases you, so you can place many Lucky Boxes there.

Lucky Boxes for the General Store

You can add to any General Store you have built in your towns up to 4 Lucky Boxes.

It’s done in the Manage Town Menu, where there is space for Tokens, under Customization.

There are 3 colors of Lucky Boxes which you can add to a General Store,
Pink, Blue & Green

You find Lucky Boxes where all the other things are to be found, in secret chests on the map, in caves, in gnome houses or on the Worlds you grow from the Seeds you conconct with Copperpot, by planting, harvesting & as a reward accomplishing quests, goals & worlds.

How to win things at Lucky Boxes ?

You need Ancient Coins io to win something from Lucky Boxes.

Bronze Coins (Signa) are needed for the General Store Lucky Boxes
Gold Coins (Firus) are needed for the Lucky Boxes found on the map of Alaria.

You can buy Ancient Coins with Myora at the General Store & the Florist.

But you can buy those coins only if the store has a tender.

The coins are offered randomly, so sometimes there are none to buy, sometimes one of those & sometimes both. Per slot to buy you can get up to 3 coins.
Since you can have many Lucky Boxes in your towns but there are only few on the map, therefore it’s adventageous to buy the Bronze Ancient Coins if they are offered but not so the Gold.

CAUTION : Spoiler !!!

Don’t read further,
if you want to discover on your own where the Secret Lucky Boxes are located on the map.

Locations of the Lucky Boxes on the map of Alaria

I’ve found 2 Lucky Boxes in Alaria.
You are not able to fly there directly & will have to run on foot.
The screenshots show where to find those Lucky Boxes.

Secret Black Lucky Box near Valley Province

Secret White Lucky Box near Forest Region

Thanks to spielerinchen for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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