GTA IV The Complete Edition: Best Saves after Every Mission 2021

Here is a good save for you to complete all missions, enjoy this save.

Note: This saves is share by BigFanOfGames originally from Steam Community.


Main Information

I created the ultimate saves for this game and I want to share it with community.

After each mission you have everything you can achieve after all previous.

For example after first mission you killed all pigeons/seagulls you can reach at that moment.

After Mr. & Mrs. Bellic / Was It Worth it? / Party’s Over mission to obtain 100% you need to complete the last mission.

Additional Bonuses

After every mission you have full ammunition

Grand Theft Auto IV:

After The Cousins Bellic mission you have:
– 76 pigeons killed
– 17 stunt jumps performed
– QUB3D record updated

After It’s Your Call mission you have:
– Brian Meech all encounters

After First Date mission you have:
– 100% with Michelle

After Bleed Out mission you have:
– 100% with Roman

After Jamaican Heat mission you have:
– 10 Roman’s jobs

After Clean Getaway mission you have:
– Roman’s ability

After Crime And Punishment mission you have:
– 20 Vigilante Missions
– 10 Most Wanted killed

After Shadow mission you have:
– 10 Drug deliveries
– 100% with Jacob
– All activities with Jacob
– Jacob’s ability
– Real Badman encounter

After Logging On mission you have:
– 10 Exotic Exports

After No.1 mission you have:
– 3 races won
– 100% with Brucie
– Brucie’s ability

After Escuela Of The Streets mission you have:
– Mel encounter

After Blow Your Cover mission you have:
– 144 pigeons killed
– 32 stunt jumps performed
– All activities with Brucie
– 100% with Carmen, Kiki, Alex
– Carmen’s, Kiki’s, Alex’s abilities
– All Modo, Perseus clothes + Happines is…land
– 20 Most wanted killed
– 6 races won

After The Puerto Rican Connection mission you have:
– Ilyena Faustin encounter
– Hossan Ramsy encounter
– Pathos all encounters
– Sara all encounters

After Waste Not Want Knots mission you have:
– 100% with Kate

After Three Leaf Clover mission you have:
– 200 pigeons killed
– 50 stunt jumps performed
– All activities with ♥♥♥♥♥♥
– 100% with ♥♥♥♥♥♥
– ♥♥♥♥♥♥’s ability
– 9 races won
– Eddie Low all encounters
– Marnie Allen all encounters
– Ivan Bytchkov encounter
– 30 Most wanted killed

After Photo Shoot mission you have:
– Jeff all encounters

After The Holland Play mission you have:
– Cherise Glover encounter
– 100% with Dwayne
– Dwayne’s Ability

After Smackdown you have:
– 30 Stevie’s cars delivered

After Blood Brothers mission you have:
– Clarence Little encounter

After Truck Hustle mission you have:
– Gracie Ancelotti encounter
– 9 Fixer’s missions

After Out Of Commission / Revenger’s Tragedy mission you have:
– 100% completion
– Jamaican Huntley Sport
– Roman’s Taxi
– Bernie’s Infernus
– Playboy’s Patriot
– Romero

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost And Damned:

After Clean And Serene mission you have:
– 100% with Terry, Clay, Jim
– All solo / friends activities
– 50 seagulls killed

After Liberty City Choppers mission you have:
– 12 Races won
– 68 Bikers hit with bat

After Coming Down mission you have:
– 50 Gang Wars completed
– 10 Angus bikes delivered
– Tom Stubbs 5 jobs completed
– 100% Terry, Clay strength

After This ♥♥♥♥’s Cursed mission you have:
– Dave Grossman encounter

After Shifting Weight mission you have:
– Malc all encounters

After Get Lost mission you have:
– 100% completion
– Double-T Custom
– Hakuchou Custom

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad Of Gay Tony:

After I Luv LC mission you have:
– 50 seagulls killed

After Momma’s Boy mission you have:
– L.C.C.F. completed

After Corner Kids mission you have:
– 50 Drug wars completed

After Clocking Off mission you have:
– 100% with Armando & Henrique
– All solo / friends activities

After Practice Swing mission you have:
– 8 Club Management missions
– Daisy encounter
– Arnaud all encounters

After Bang Bang mission you have:
– Margot all encounters

After High Dive mission you have:
– 15 B.A.S.E. jumps

After No.3 mission you have:
– 3 Triathlons won

After Departure Time mission you have:
– 100% completion
– Evan’s Buffalo
– Tony’s Schafter
– Caddy
– Stretch E

Download link

You can download my saves from Google Drive, just remove the space from link

Thanks to BigFanOfGames for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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