Big Farm Story: All NPC Favorite Gifts, Liked and Disliked Items

Here is a list of NPC Favorite gifts, Liked and Disliked items.   List of NPC Favorite Gifts, Liked and Disliked Items Categories Crafting materials: Big iron parts, Branch, Carved stone, Clay brick, Cotton, Down feather, Feather, Flax fiber, Glass, Hardwood log, Iron ore, Log, Nail, Paint, Plant fiber, Pebble, Rock, Roofing slates, Rope, Screws, […]

The Cyclist Tactics: Vander Public Guide

Here is a Vander Public guide for The Cyclist Tacics game.   Fitness Peaks Upcoming Changes : Impact on Energy might be lowered 2021/08/04 : Here are the modifiers you get from Fitness levels XP Upcoming changes : Dev said they might give “partial” XP for riders who don’t finish a race 2021/08/04: Fix amount between each […]

Obscura Guide (Controls, Tips & All Levels)

A guide that introduces some tips and tricks as well as presents solutions to some of the puzzles and platforming sections of the game.   Introduction/Tips Controls While the game is incredibly simple, knowing all of these tips before going too deep or getting stuck can be helpful. It functions like many 3D platformers using […]

Wide Open: How to Host a Server

This guide teaches you how to host your own server   Introduction Running your own server is a great way to enjoy time with your friends or foes by battling with them in a race. We want the server to be accessible to all players, but currently it is limited to players who are able […]

METAL GEAR SOLID V THE PHANTOM PAIN: How to Finish Mission 16 Traitors’ Caravan Easily with S Rank

I’ll be showing the easiest way to finish Mission 16 with S rank. This is a beginner friendly guide so you don’t need high end equipment to finish the mission   Intro This is the 16th mission in the game, we are supposed to extract a truck in an airport but we encounter a surprise. […]

Enderal Forgotten Stories (Special Edition): All Bonus Memory Points Guide (How to Get)

In need of that extra Memory Point for a perk or a new skill from a book? Don’t want to spend time grinding enemies? Well no worries, This guide shows you how to get all 11 bonus Memory Points from books and quests.   Books available from the start Old Farm Yero’s Cellar (Below Yero’s House) […]