Inscryption: Foil Farming Techniques

If you don’t know what foils are or haven’t seen them in the game you should turn back now. Otherwise, this is a guide about numerous strategies to farm ridiculous quantities of foils and it’s open to suggestions.   Endless Scrapyard Required Cards 1x Energy Conduit 1x Steel Mice 1x Bone Heap 1x Any conduit […]

The Good Life: Stat Management for Dummies

An introduction to the stats in the game, what affects them, the consequences of them, and how to maintain them with minimal spending.   The Stat HUD, Explained The top left corner of the game screen contains a variety of bars and meters, and consists of the following: 1: Cat/Dog Affiliation 2: Stress 3: Healthiness […]

Inscryption: Act 3 Game Map

Mapped out Game Map for Act 3, because I kept getting lost. SPOILERS. Hopefully this can help someone else find the things I needed help looking for.   Inscryption Act 3 Game Map S = Start X = tile, x = tile with NPC – = directional path, ~ = hidden path, # = bridge […]

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: 100% Achievement Guide

Here is a guide to all Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Achievements. Note: This guide was created by Azore and more content will be added later.   Main Story A Risky Gamble Requirement: Complete Chapter 1. Missable: No Busted Requirement: Complete Chapter 2. Missable: No The Cost of Freedom Requirement: Complete Chapter 3. Missable: No […]

Alisa: Beginner’s Tips

List of questionably useful advices for people unfamiliar with survival horror genre, or videogames in general.   Alisa Beginner’s Tips Rebind the “Use” key. While default control scheme on mouse+keyboard (or, just keyboard in this case, since mouse isn’t involved in any way) can seem a bit outlandish, it works pretty fine for the majority […]