Left 4 Dead – Survival Tips for Newbie

Are you new at survival? Or just generally looking for ways you’re able to improve? Well you’ve come to the right guide! I won’t be going through the various spots in the chapters you should camp at (as there are plenty of guides on that already) but instead, small tips that have personally helped me […]

Siralim 3 Sigils – Names, Properties And Use

This guide will focus on what the Sigil names and properties mean and some strategies to effectively use them to farm Itherians and Special Creatures (Shop/Event/etc) for knowledge, cores and singulars.   What are Sigils? They are the key to accessing Itherian Realms using the Teleportation Shrine and are accessible after finishing the main story. […]

Fear the Night – All Types of Zombies

It’s a guide about the types of zombies in Fear the Night game below.   Zombie catagories – Tier 1 – Tier 2 – Elite   Tier 1 Tier 1 Contains the most basic zombies as followed. The zombies. Yeah. Zombies that’s what they are. They are simple zombies and do deal alot of damage […]

Feed and Grow – Ultimate Guide for Beginner

This guide will touch some parts about the game that may or may not be important, but in all- is generally good to know. This guide also includes the basics of death-match, and some stuff that has to do with changing the graphics of the game to go with slower computers properly.   Graphics for […]

Team Fortress 2 – How to Escape Bad Situations as Medic

As an experienced medic main, id just like to inform anyone out there out to escape with your life when your teammates get screwed, and Main Offense classes are biting at your beautiful bottom.   Escaping From Heavy Lets start with the easiest class to escape from, the Heavy. Heavys primary weapon is the minigun, […]

Clicker Heroes 2 – Basic Cid Critstorm Build Guide

this guide is a collection of other build guides created by other people, my own experiences and choices, and tips on how to get a strong Critstorm build going quickly. There are similar builds to this made by other people which I dominantly borrow from, but I still have made minor alterations and have also […]

Meadow – Challenges to Get More Experience

Here is a series of challenges designed to help you get more out of your Meadow experience.   #01 – Mute Rule: Voices are forbidden   Instructions: Refrain from using Left Mouse Button to talk. Tips: Since you’ll be relying on your commands and emotes in this mode, you’ll need to consider your positioning carefully, […]