KurtzPel: Guide for Beginner

Part 1 Info #1 Creating your character is the first thing you will do in KurtzPel. You have a great variety of selection for customization. Eyes, hair, color sliders for everything, voice, etc. • You can only select Human as a race • You can create up to 14 character(s) • You can select from […]

The Cinema Rosa: Walkthrough and Achievement Guide

The Cinema Rosa Walkthrough and guidance for obtaining 100% achievements!   Achievements – Spoiler-free Overview Story-related Cinema Paradiso High Rise Winner ↫︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎✣︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎↬︎ Missable Collectibles All collectibles are listed in order of their appearance. ⋗︎ Emails PC in the entrance lobby. PC in office next to the restrooms, check it twice. ⋗︎ Newspapers In front of the […]

Saboteur: Easter Eggs Guide

An Easter Egg involving a hidden area, a Stormlord reference, and a rave party.   Step 1. Beat the entire game on the hardest difficulty. Doing so will give you this additional message on the End Screen: Chlorine – Iodine – Vanadium – Einsteinium (spelling out ‘Clives’). Step 2. Get back into the chemistry facility. […]

Oxygen Not Included: Keyboard Shortcut Layout

Tools Prioritize – P Building Cancel – C Copy Building – B Cycle Speed – TAB Speed Up – NumPad + Slow Down – NumPad – ———————————————- Open Plan 1 thru 10 – Number 1 thru 0 (Top of keyboard) Open Plan 11 – – Open Plan 12 – = Open Overlay 1 thru 11 […]

Final Blade: Tier List Guide

Final Blade is a strategy RPG game with a cast of over 300 characters that you summon at random with gacha mechanics. Each hero in the game has their own skill and you can set the skill automatically or manually. Here is the all hero tier list in the game in the image below. Final […]

Valkyrie Anatomia – Tier List Guide

Valkyrie Anatomia is a prequel story to Valkyrie Profile game and it is out right now on Android. If you are a fan of the franchise, you can check out the new game on Google Play.   Evaluation List of the Deadly Demon   Evaluation list of swordsman Evaluation list of heavy warriors Evaluation list […]