SimRail The Railway Simulator: A Schematic Map

A schematic map of railway connections in SimRail and the trains that can be used on this network. General map The diagram shows the main railway connections. I marked the stations with squares. Large squares denote large stations, small ones – secondary stations and local railway stops. Stations that can be controlled in multiplayer mode […]

Gloomwood: All Console Commands (Updated to v0.1.220)

Here is a full list of all console commands in Gloomwood. Tested in game v0.1.220   Commands: Command Extension (If applicable) Description Selector Information (If applicable) antialiasing {value} Displays Antialiasing level. If given a value sets the Antialiasing level bloom {0/1} Displays if Bloom is enabled. If given a value Enables / Disables Bloom “1” is […]

Forspoken: Secret Shop Locaion

Secret shop’s location guide.   1. Map Location 2. What does it sell? 1. Gravity Lantern 16 – You can collect Mana wider range. 2. Comfy Pillow 16 – Get a buff after sleep. 3. Crafting Pot 24 – Convert Natural Resource to another form of resource 4. Compass 48 – “Forage” Option on camping. […]

Sailing Era Guide: Ports, Locations, and Goods

A comprehensive list of ports by region, including available trade goods and buildings for each port.   Introduction Ports are listed alphabetically within their regions to make searching easier. A note on trade goods: every port has at least two trade goods that are available by default. Each port also has one restricted trade good […]

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition: How to Find Your Saves on the Steam Deck

Quick no-nonsense guide to finding your Skyrim SE save folder on the Steam Deck. Written for non-linux users.   How to Find Your Saves on the Steam Deck Step 1: Enter desktop mode Whatever your reason for trying to find Skyrim SE’s save location, you will need to first switch over to the Deck’s desktop […]

Micro Wars: Tips & Tricks (Mechanics and Gameplay)

A short but reasonably comprehensive guide to Micro Wars mechanics and gameplay.   Controls Left mouse button selects. Right mouse button issues attack/move commands for the selected unit. A right click on the build icons will cancel one queued/training/building unit of the given type. Middle mouse button will pan the camera, use the scroll wheel […]