Strange Horticulture: Plant ID Guide (77/77)

Contains quick references images for all 77 plants & fungi in Strange Horticulture.   Notes -The plants are listed alphabetically, and their names are searchable -Actually ID-ing the plants for achievement purposes requires using it with a customer, elixir or adventure -Obviously, there are very minor spoilers Plant List Arguria Ambrella Bella Nox Bishop’s Paradise […]

Make Your Kingdom: How to Add Custom Names for Villagers

Just a simple guide to customize name generation for your population.   Access Game Local Files Locate the directory as listed below via your file browser: steamapps\common\Make Your Kingdom\Make your Kingdom_Data\data\localization Or Go to game properties on steam and browse the file location. Identify Your Language File In the case of English you’ll see a […]

The Planet Crafter Prologue: How to Duplicate, Spawn, and Access Items from Anywhere in the World

In this guide I will teach you how to access every storage compartment in the game from anywhere on the map, duplicate any item, and manipulate chest RNG to spawn new items.   Disclaimers Disclaimer 1: I have not found a simple way to spawn or access items, in game or not. The methods can be […]