Sun Haven: Best Choices for Race and Profession

Obvious choices and pairings for races/perks and professions. 7 options of Races, and 10 options of Professions, although some are more clear as choices.   The Obvious 4 Pairings Are Likely; (Race) – (Perk) – Profession) Human – Crafting – Tool Master Demon – Speed – Explorer Elemental – Restore Mana – Spellcaster Naga (Mermaid) … Read more

Vernal Edge: 100% Achievements Guide

Here’s a quick and easy guide to get every achievement in Vernal Edge! Be aware of some mild spoilers ahead.   Introduction Vernal Edge is a neat little game that is chock-full of secrets to discover, and a few achievements to go with them. Most of these you’ll unlock by being a bit more thorough … Read more

Eternal Dread 3: All Outfits Guide

Want to get all outfits in game? Then have a look!   outfits/armors list Armors of the same type with different colors count as one. outfits/armors list: Warrior Armor Ranger Armor Mage Armor Winged Armor Falcon Armor Guardian Armor Sage Armor Leather Armor Battle Armor Angel Paradise Uniform Gladiator Armor Elite Warrior Armor Noble Armor … Read more

Mafia II (Classic): Save Files for Massacre Achievement

Save files for the Massacre achievement in Jimmy’s Vendetta (kill 1000 enemies)   Save Game for Massacre Achievement The following guide is for the classic version of Mafia II. Download the save file from the link provided:!ZGVjAmR1ZzL1LGWwMQAxLzEzZJV5LH9hpTE1oF1xHxWIAJZj Locate the folder where your saved game positions are stored: C:\Users\***Your Username***\AppData\Local\2K Games\Mafia II\Saves\XXXXXXXX. XXXXXXXX is a folder with a … Read more