BallisticNG – All Cheat Codes 2019

Here is the BallisticNG all lateat cheat codes in 2019. Let is look at them below.   12HRS Enter the code ‘12HRS‘ on your keyboard, increases the boost given by pads. CARVING Enter the code ‘CARVING‘ on your keyboard, not sure what this does. GETAGRIP Enter the code ‘GETAGRIP‘ on your keyboard, enhances grip. GOFAST […]

Cobalt – Ultimate Guide to 2fort

This is the guide you should read if you’re trying to understand how my work-in-progress TF2-inspired map works. And because it is a work-in-progress, things in this guide will likely change up to the map’s completion.   The Goal Cobalt 2fort is essentially capture the plug made to function like a game of TF2 capture […]

Bloons TD 6 – How to Get a 5TH Tier Insta Monkey

It’s how you get a 5th tier insta monkey. they are very cool and epic.   5th tier ninja. (i got one ) Look at this beauty. its amazing. im gonna use it to beat logs easy mode, the hardest challenge in the game. Honestly i just had to beat cubism on easy, then i […]

Braveland Guide – Map, Items, Units and Bestiary

Map Marked on the map are all accessible locations, numbered 1-86. Units counts were pretty much the same over my several playthroughs but may not be exact. 1: Start 2: Units: +7 Peasants 3: Battle: 1+2 Young Wolves 4: Units: +1 Peasant 5: Units: +5 Archers 6: Battle: 1 Young Wolf, 1 Bandit, 3 Peons […]

TIS-100 Guide – All Solutions

Here is A collection of solutions for completing the game. Since there are so many incomplete, partially incorrect or picture/video-only guides I decided to create this coherent and copyable overview. Please check the last section for credits, because none of the following solutions was written by myself. I formatted them to make them pastable in the […]

Psychonauts Guide – How to Fix Mouse Sensitivity

Problem Overview So, I feel that a lot of people have had trouble over the years with the lagging mouse, off calibration, and slow camera. I have a Windows 10 Dell laptop with an Intel i5 (7th Gen) core and I use a Razer Naga Chroma for my mouse. IF YOU HAVE ANY OF THESE […]