The Witcher Card Game Homecoming And Thronebreaker Will Be Available Today

The Homecoming project of Gwent – The Witcher Card Game is finally finished and today, along with the Thronebreaker a RPG based on Witcher series’ universe, will be available for all PC players at 1.00 PM CEST and here is a new trailer released by CD Projekt Red.  To prepare for the official launch of GWENT: […]

CDPR Witcher Card Game Gwent Homcoming Date Revealed, Along With The New Witcher RPG Thronebreaker

The second Gwent Homecoming video from CDPR has been revealed, and not only they brought some more details about new leader models and faction Scoia’tael, but also the release date of the homecoming and the independent Witcher RPG Thronebreaker. They are coming on October 23 for PC and on December 4 for consoles.   Gwent: […]