Hades: 100% Achievements in 10 Minutes 2021

Unlock all achievements with this one simple trick.


1. Purpose of this guide

Some people are achievement collectors and cannot drop a game before they 100% it.
Hades can take a lot of time to 100% so I want to gift you a quick hack to move on with your life.

2. Finding the game files

  1. Go to your steam library
  2. Find hades and right click it
  3. Go to manage
  4. Browse local files

3. Find the right file

Select the Content folder, then go into the Scripts folder, then look for AchievementLogic.lua

The final path should be: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Hades\Content\Scripts\AchievementLogic.lua

Once you find it, open it with your editor of choice, mine will be notepad for the sake of simplicity.

4. Find what to edit

We want to edit 2 lines from within the first function (CheckProgressAchievements) in the AchievementLogic.lua file, as pictured below,

line numbers should be 20 and 22.

5. Make the changes

we replace all the bogus from above, that we underlined in red with true:

so again, the first line which we have to replace is:

if not achievementData.DebugOnly and not SessionAchivementUnlocks[achievementName] then

which will become

if true then

AND the second one is:

if achievementData.CompleteGameStateRequirements ~= nil and IsGameStateEligible( CurrentRun, achievementData, achievementData.CompleteGameStateRequirements ) then

which will become

if true then

and we save the file

6. Start the game

Now start the game and load your last save (or start a new one, doesn’t make a difference) and just afk as the achievements start pouring.

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