Handshakes: All Special Achievements Guide

In this guide, I will show you how to get the achievements for completing levels 10 and 18 without cutting off a hand, and level 11 cutting off a hand to handshake. All three will have step by step pictures.


Introduction and basic information

The “Spare An Arm”, “Use The Box”, and “It’s a Feature. Not a bug!”

Handshakes is a puzzle game about connecting 2 people’s hands through obstacles and with limited move range.

Wood crates can get pushed from square to square, and can be destroyed by gates/”closing bar” obstacles.

Purple buttons have to be held down to activate, once your hand leaves, the gate opens or shuts depending on what the button does.

Having your hand on an empty space, with the arm on an open gate space, and then closing that gate will cut off the hand which can now be used like a wooden crate.

IN ORDER TO GET “SPARE AN ARM” and “USE THE BOX” ACHIEVEMENTS, you have to complete levels 10 and 18 (repsectively) without cutting off a hand to use as a wood crate.

IN ORDER TO GET “IT’S A FEATURE. NOT A BUG!” ACHIEVEMENT, you have to complete level 11 in such a way that making the handshake releases a button to close a gate on one of the arms.

Spare an Arm Achievement – Level 10 NO CUTS Solution with Screenshots

Level 10: starting positions (below)
Use the right side character to push their box to this position

Then press and hold the right side purple button,
this will lift the vertical gate on the left side

Use your left character to push his box up all the way to the purple button (do not move the right character)

BEFORE moving the right characters arm to this position, Remove the left character’s arm from the gate.

Have the right character push the box down 1 space to line up with the row containing the sequential gates.

Now have your left character put his hand on the remaining left side button, and hold it, while using the right character to push the box through the 2 gates. Make sure you remove the right character’s arm from the gates before letting go of the button the left character has their hand on.

After releasing left character’s button, with the box in the correct position, snake lefty’s hand below and around the box in such a way that you can push the box one space to the left.

Retract lefty’s arm and repeat until the crate is on the button.

You are now free to shake hands between lefty and righty without having cut off a hand!!!!!!!

It’s a Feature. Not A Bug! Achievement – Level 11 Handshake Cuts

Level 11: Starting positions (below)
Move righty’s hand up into his button

Move lefty’s hand just past the gate, and remove righty’s hand from his button, cutting off lefty’s hand.

Move righty’s hand back to the button, and curve lefty’s hand around the black blocks to push the severed hand backwards.

Retract lefty’s hand and move it just above the severed hand, and push it all the way down.

Snake lefty’s hand through the area with the 2 open gates to push the hand left onto the purple button directly below lefty.

Now move lefty’s hand through the upper gate, and right next to righty’s hand on the button.
If you now move righty’s hand to the LEFT, it will shake lefty’s hand, while moving it off the button will close the gates on lefty’s arm. Congratulations on the achievement!!!

Use the Box Achievement – Level 18 NO CUTS Solution with Screenshots

Level 18: Starting positions (below)
Using the right character, push the top box down 1 square.

Have the left character press and hold his purple button, (for the majority of this level, just leave lefty holding his button, you will mostly be working with righty.)

Snake righty’s arm around the block of black squares (making sure NOT to move off of lefty’s button).

Have righty push the box into the alcove and out of your way.

Bring righty’s hand to the farthest box, push it down to the bottom

Now move righty’s arm around that farthest black block and push the box that you just pushed down, over 1 square to the right, you are now at maximum arm length for righty.

Retract your arm until you get to the hole where the previous box used to be, go down it and push the box all the way to the alcove on the right that has a purple button.

Retract your arm again, and move it back to the farthest right column and go all the way to the bottom. Move your arm left to directly under the last remaining movable box.

Push this box up

Retract your arm again, and move it to behind the box you just moved

Push this box all the way to the left onto the last purple button that needs to be pushed. Now both the gates in the way of your handshake are permanently open.

Move righty’s arm as far down and to the left as possible.

Lefty’s hand can be removed from its button, and you can shake hands.

You finished level 18 without cutting off a hand!!!

Thanks to Lordrangleic for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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