Hayfever: All Locations of Hidden Secrets

Hayfever is a wonderful indie game on Steam. here is a guide to help you find all locations of hidden secrets in the game.


Summer Day 11 – Red Rail (Awoo!)

Go down through this narrow opening in the thorns.

Follow the titular red rail to the right.

Summer Day 15 – Rainbows (Kindness)

Use the rainbow power-up to go straight up along the wall.

Summer Day 20 – Flower Power (Knasibas)

Wait a bit until this flower has spit out a long trail of clouds, then use it to go up.

Summer Day 27 – Orange Leaves (Koni’s Hideout)

Use the rainbow power-up to go up along the wall to find an opening. Follow the path through the opening.

Fall Day 5 – Chewtoy (Jonas)

Get on top of the platform above by using the balloon power-up and the red balls thrown by the scarecrows.

Use the balloon power-up to fly further up.

Winter Day 5 – Icy Winds (Mighty Goose)

Go past Carlie and jump down to the right.

Winter Day 6 – Throw A Kiss (Bhomas)

Use the balloon power-up to fly straight up past Carlie, to an opening on the left wall.

Winter Day 8 – Floaties (Samohb)

Land to either side of Carlie, and follow the upward arrows.

Winter Day 9 – Motion Sickness (Beldrama)

Fall through the opening on the lower right corner and continue to the right.

Winter Day 14 – Tower Of Pollen (Filip)

Enter the suspicious looking block on the right wall to get a sneeze charge. With three sneeze charges, jump up to the low gravity area above Carlie.

Winter Day 23 – Spinys (Kit)

Use the rainbow power-up on the lower right side to fly straight up.

Spring Day 14 – Sticky Switches (Pablo)

Use the sticky power-up to stick to the ceiling and follow the wall upwards.

Spring Day 26 – Bounce Button (Nora)

Go through the small opening in the wall on the left side.

This guide is currently incomplete and work-in-progress. we will update later.

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