Hayfever: Peanut Allergy Controls

Here is a simple guide to explain the controls of the peanut allergy mechanic in Spring. hope this guide will help you.



In the fourth world “Spring”, the peanut allergy mechanic is introduced, but isn’t explained well by the game and can take a while to figure out.

In general, while the peanut allergy is active, it allows you to walk on walls and the ceiling (but not on spikes). To walk around corners, simply keep holding the direction you’re moving in; the controls will rotate with your orientation (i.e. pushing left/right will move up/down on walls).

Hold the action button to run. Running against a corner that turns towards you, i.e. running against a wall, will let you run on the wall, same as without running. When running over a corner that turns away from you, you will not follow the corner and instead run straight off. This will give you a boost in the direction you are running.

Jump while sticking to a wall or ceiling to get off it. Jumping off a wall gives you a nice sideways boost to cover some distance.

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