Heart of Crown PC: Ranked and Tournament Supply Sets

Extended (and updated) list of supply sets that were used in ranked matches and tournaments but not present in the default Heart of Crown supply database



The collection of supply sets in Heart of Crown is vast however, the default supply database present upon installing this game is limited. To explore the rest of the collection, this guide would give you most of the existing collection that is used in ranked and tournament matches.

As previously mentioned in the previous guide where the supply database was roughly translated, I didn’t gave enough details on the translated sets nor give some descriptions. With that, I would be explaining those in this guide. In addition, there were some updates and additions from the previous supply database that I provided in the previous guide which involves renaming supply names and some additional supply sets.

The contents of the ranked supply sets are found in Price’s HoC Web Guide[pricehoc.web.fc2.com]. The site is completely in Japanese without guided translations. For tournament supply sets, I managed to archive some of the sets that were used exclusively especially in JP tournaments.

In this guide, I would split into different sections of the databases, namely:

  1. Training Supply Sets (Garrodrive’s Strategy Classroom)
  2. Ranked Sets
  3. Tournament Supply Sets
  4. Custom Supply Sets (by me)

I would give some brief descriptions whether in general or some specific sets whether necessary.

Finally, I would be giving the link to download the supply database containing the mentioned supply sets for you to practice and enjoy.


Before we proceed, I would like to highlight some limitations to this guide because there are some things that are incomplete as of now:

  1. The following supply set names that are originally Japanese are translated by me and it’s not the official translation. In relation, I would be updating some supply set names where it would be different from the previous supply database mentioned in the previous guide because some supply names feel off for me. If there are mistranslations present in the database, feel free to comment on this guide.
  2. Although the ranked supply sets given are incredibly many (and mostly used in ranked matches), there are some supply sets that were not included both in this guide and the mentioned website. There are some server-sided supply sets that were not supposed to be known by everyone, so there is a small chance that you will encounter a completely unknown set when playing ranked games. In some cases, the cards in the supply set given in ranked matches is completely random, so be prepared for anything.
  3. I haven’t seen all of the tournaments happened in HoC especially in the JP side. Although there’s an archive in the official Discord server, I feel like there are other unarchived tournaments that occurred. If there are any tournaments that were missed in this guide, let us know.

Training Supply Sets

These supply sets were present in this guide for training and practice of different deck building skills.

  • Training Supply #1 – Great for Deck Inflation
  • Training Supply #2 – Ideal for Deck Engine
  • Training Supply #3 – Ohka’s Training Practice
  • Training Supply #4 – Berg’s Training Practice
  • Training Supply #5 – Anastasia’s Training Practice
  • Training Supply #6 – Comprehensive Training

Ranked Supply Sets

These supply sets were mostly used and usually appears on ranked matches. These supply set names were translated from Japanese to English.

Here is a tally of number of times a supply set was used in a ranked match. Although the image is in Japanese, a large portion of the supply sets that were highlighted in this chart were not present in the default supply database.

The updated supply database includes the supply sets found in the default database and supply sets that were not present by default but used widely in ranked matches. For this guide, I would only highlight on the supply sets that were not present by default.

Sets without Northern Enchantress Expansion
  • Far East Revolution
  • Intermediate 3 – It’s a surprise that there’s another intermediate set, and is used in ranked matches on top of that.
  • Witchcraft or Wealth (previously Sorcery or Wealth)
  • Black Market Carnival
  • Under the Country Flag (previously Under the Honor Flag)
  • Barren Land (previously Wasted Land)
  • Nation’s Rise (previously Prosperity of Motherland)
  • Perry Expedition
  • Demon War (previously Twin Magic Defense Battle)
  • Resistance – Not to be confused with the supply set Resistance in the City
  • Shoreline Town
  • Cursed Mortar Seller – Ideal set for Anastasia
  • Liberation
  • Police Patrol – A supply set where Berg shines
  • Metropolis
  • Great Pirate Era
  • Last Night Battle – Great War v2
  • Second-Fifths – All cards in this set only have a cost of 2 or 5. Not for the faint of heart.
  • Clan Struggle (previously Gozoku Clan Offense) – All cards in this set are in the Far East Expansion
  • Devil’s Hidden Town
  • Busy Castle
  • Gold Rush – Perfect for novice players
  • Merchant Economy (previously Merchant’s Finances)
  • Counterspell (previously Anti-magic)
  • Victory Message (previously Victory Messenger)
Sets with Northern Enchantress Expansion
  • Silver Bullet
  • A Day in the Border
  • East and West (previously To the East and West) – More like East and North
  • Tax Heaven – Keep up with the inflation
  • Black Magic War
  • Secret Money Laundering – You could easily mess up when choosing the engine deck route.
  • Northern War Supplies – Northern Reaches v2
  • Globalization (previously Modern Competition)
  • Domination
  • Little Crown – A supply set for Lily
  • Overdefensive – Get your defenses ready or suffer

Tournament Supply Sets

This section tackles on the supply sets that were tournament exclusive. There are only two known events of which are Japan-based that used exclusive tournament supply sets. Similar to the previous section, the translations are from Japanese to English.

Japan HoC PC Novice Tournament

This occurred sometime in 2019 where Garrodrive and the team managed a local HoC tournament in their JP Discord server because there was an increase of (Japanese) newcomers at that time. Unfortunately, the archive was deleted but I managed to retrieved the supply sets before it happened.

  • Northern Trade Route – Round 1 Matches
  • Holy City Redevelopment – Round 2 Matches
  • VIP Escort Operation – Round 3 Matches
  • Tales of Eastern Expedition – Semifinals Supply Set.
  • Through the Narrow Gate – Finals Supply Set. Requires some complex strategy to effectively win
  • Armageddon – Tiebreaker. Almost every princess synergizes to this supply set
Princess Dinner Party

This one’s is foreign to me because this tournament happened way back in 2013 based from Nekoko’s Diary Entry[nekoko03.hatenadiary.org] where an event occurred for HoC PC. A tournament was held at that time and the exclusive supply sets were used. These sets were made by Nuru (ぬるー), a well-known JP HoC player.

  • Ninja Art: Seven Forms
  • Resource Battle (previously Ore Mine Sword Battle)
  • Escape Route
  • Astro Moment
  • Tempest Superweapons (previously Wind Musou Weapons)

Custom Supply Sets

Here are some of my custom-made supply sets designed for achievement hunting, newbie bullying, or making a curse-heavy, attack-inducing game. There are no Japanese translations for these supply sets because I’m lazy. Feel free to use it as much as you can and let me know your feedback about my sets. :3

  • Blitzkrieg – Bully set to impress your friends on early coronation.
  • Klam Klam’s Daydream – Do something else while you wait for your turn.
  • Communism – No one’s getting crowned, or is there?
  • Western Voyage – I don’t know, it just feels wavy and cool.
  • Coup d’etat – Perfect for steal/stolen crown achievement.
  • Chaos Theory – Expected coronation turn: 30

Download Link

Here’s the link to download the updated supply database:
Download Link[cdn.discordapp.com]

To use the supply database, go to the game’s local files, under Baggage/misc, overwrite the current supply database SupplyDataBase.csv with the downloaded version from the link above. For safety, make a backup of the previous supply database if anything goes wrong.

Afterwards, run the game and enjoy the updated list.

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