Heave Ho: Snow-White and the 0 Deaths

Maps of the White runs’ invisible platforms, since Snow-White might be difficult for you to get.



Look, we’ve all been there. Well, maybe some of us have been there. Snow-White is a tricky achievement to attain, judging by the relatively low rate of players who gain it, so I’m here to try to raise that percentage just a little more with a simple guide to the transparent platform run.

If you’re shooting for the Snow-White achievement, play the normal run instead of the difficult one. You’ll have a much better time trying to get it on smaller, easier to navigate levels.

Since “invisible” takes more letters to type than I’d like, any invisible platform will just be referred to as “white”. The white platforms in the images have been bathed in orange blood so you can see them in all their opaque glory.


The first stage isn’t all that difficult, but might be tricky if you haven’t gotten the hang of carrying your momentum yet.

Your stubby little arms aren’t long enough to reach the white platform by reaching out; you’ll need to take a leap of faith to be able to grab it. While you can swing from the bottom left corner of the blue semicircle and transfer to the white platform, you can also just hold Left when you spawn in and reach the white platform without having to make the jump. You’ll have to hold the grab keys so you actually get hold of it, but if you do that, you should be good.

After making it to the white platform, you’ll need to transfer to the cup. Grabbing the bottom of the white platform and transferring to the bottom of the cup is your best bet.


I honestly think White-2 is easier than White-1. There are no real jumps to make, and everything is within an easy grabbing distance. No advice needed here.


You’ve got simple transfers here, with the main challenge being just how tiny the white squares are. If you think you can do it, you can actually just swing from the bottom of the starting platform and leap into the cup.


Oooh, this one was a pain to map out. Sorry that this map isn’t pretty, but it gets the job done. Anyways…

Start by grabbing the left ramp; transferring from the right will only waste your time. The easiest transfer from the diamond in the center is by swinging off of the left corner, though the bottom one can work if you feel like spicing it up. After making it over the wall, grab the leftmost ramp to avoid being deposited directly into a pit. Sensually lower yourself into the cup. Oh, baby.


The moving platforms threw me off, here, so they might not be completely accurate to size, but you get the idea of where they are.

The safe route is avoiding them entirely. Grab onto the wall to the right of the starting platform, then slowly make your way down, around, back up, and to the right until you reach the rightmost nub. Grip onto the bottom of the nub above the rotating platform and swing into the cup.

Alternatively, drop onto the left rotating platform, build up speed, and fling your mortal form towards the right rotating platform. Transfer from the right platform to the cup. I recommend this way more for speed than for getting the achievement, but hey, the option’s there.

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