Heaven Dust 2: Some Door codes, Puzzle Solutions

Just a few of the codes I wrote down during my play through of Heavens Dust 2! Enjoy the game, I hope for more from this Dev.


Codes and Combinations in (mostly order) you encounter in the game

First Fountain Gate – 615

Office Area door – FLOWER FEATHER (top row / left, right)
FISHTAIL FLAME (bottom row / left, right)

First Pool Table – 8617

Second Fountain Gate – 326

Overlook Code – 2182

Wood Cabin wall box code – 0147

GraveYard Door – FISHTAIL FEATHER (top row / left, right)
FLAME FLOWER (bottom row / left, right)

Swimming Pool door – 1991

Second Pool table – 5186

There are some real obvious ones (such as Old House 2nd floor left side) that are not here, just the ones that require a round disc – or a little more not right in front of your eyes.

I might update this in the future with pics and more found in game.

Hope these help with speed runs and the SEER achievement!

Thanks to LIWolfe for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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