Heaven Dust: Codes & Puzzles & Endings Guide

Here is a simple guide for all codes, puzzles, and endings for the Heaven Dust game.


Codes & Puzzles
Boss’ room safe Code: 153

Safe code in the secret room: 810

Clock code: 645

Computer password in the virus laboratory: SEM

Door code: 732

Password in the security room: ALF

Locker code in the pantry: 087
puzzle with pressure tiles: the top row 1,3 and 4, the bottom row 2 & 4

Light torches at the round pool at 9:15 (only the top and right)

Plant conditioning system:
First remote control code: 328 (yellow plant),
second remote control code: 299 (red plant),
third remote control code: 314 (blue plant)

Mask puzzle:
from left to right (secret)
top row: Flame – Leaf // bottom row: Feather – Fishtail
from left to right (progression)
top row: Leaf – Flame // bottom row: Fishtail – Feather

PC password in Thoma’s office: TLM

Password for the door of the director’s office: 432

Endings Guide
Endings Guide:
The two endings differ only in whether you gave the blood tube (can be taken in infirmary at the device to take blood tests) to the pigeon or not.

Good Ending
Take the blood tube and give it to the pigeon, finish the game and get the good ending.

Bad Ending
Put the blood tube into the storage box and don’t use it. Finish the game.
Don’t get a blood tube at all and finish the game.

Secret Ending
To get the secret ending, you must again give your blood tube to the pigeon, but not to escape from the mansion, but wait in it until everything explodes.

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