Hedon Game Walkthrough

A simple Oldschool Visual-Walkthrough incl. all secrets, created by myself. Achieved with ver. 1.5.0.


Map 01-Cold Rock

Part I
A: The way to the Axe Key(1)
1: Axe Key
2: Axe Door
3: lever behind the closet
4: Power Core
5: Insert Power Core(4) here and use the canon
6: Go through the destroyed Door
Part II
1. Iron Key
2. Iron Door
3. Power Core
4. Elevator. Insert Power Core(3)
5. Lever opens Door(6), Lever opposite open the window
6. Door open by lever(5)
7. Stone Key
8. Stone Door(Pickaxe)
9. Power Core 2
10. Insert Power Core 2
11. Lever in the SE Corner for Exit(12)
12. Exit

P= open caves with Pickaxe for loot(not a secret)
S1. Crouch to the secret
S2. Jump in The niche above
S3. Use the right shelf
S4. behind the Waterfall 2th Floor
S5.0 Moondrop Flower
S5.1 put the Flower on the socket
S6. opens after Secret 5, entrance behind a bush
S7. use the left shelf

Map 02-Plaza

1. Lever opens Door(2)
2. Door open by switch(1)
3. Iron Key
4. Iron Door
5 Switches opens 5.1,5.2,5.3
6. Vine Key
7.1 Vine Door
7.2 Vine Door
7.3 Vine Door
7.4 Vine Door
8.1 Purple Root
8.2 Purple Root
8.3 Purple Root
9. Pouch of Fea Dust
10. Axe Key
11.1 Axe Door
11.2 Axe Door
11.3 Axe Door
12 Red Crystal
13. Gauldron insert Red Crystal, use the Gauldron (3xPurple Root, 1x Fae Dust),
~~get the can of enchanted purple ink
14. Use Can of enchanted purple ink on table 1st floor, get scroll of dispell magic
15. Use the scroll of dispell magic on the door
16. Stone Key
17. Stone Door
18. Two switches opens 19.1, 19.2
19.3 Exit
S1. Use the closet
S2. Jump through the window
S3. Use the left torch
S4. Use the right closet and run fast to S4.1

Map 03-Barracks

1. Axe key
2. Axe Door
3. Iron Key
4. Iron Door
5. 1st Lever for Door(8)
6. Stone Key
6.1 Stone Door
6.2 Stone Door
7. 2th Switch for Door(8)
8. Door opens by two switches(5,7)
~~watch out for a big ambush!
9. Way to the Exit
10. Exit
S1. Jump in the vent
S2. behind the Axe Door(2)
S3. Use the Shelf
S4. Push the upper left button on the west wall

Map 04-Technical Space

1. Power Core
2. Door, open it with the Power Core (1)
3. Power on Switch
4. Door, open it after Power is on(3)
5. Jump in here
6. Switch bringing the Brigdes(6.1) down
~~and opens the Door at 6.2.
7. Lump of Iron Ore
8. Melt the Lump of Iron Ore get a Iron Ingot
9. Use the ingot with the machine to get the Iron Key
10. Iron Door
11. Earth Key
12. Earth Door
13. Empty Gear Mould
14. Earth Door
15. Iron Pickaxe
16. Earth Lift
17. Jump on the ledge rock by the waterfall to get up
18. Axe Key + 3x Red Crystal
19. Axe Door
19.1 Axe Door
20. Melt 5xMithril Ore get 1x Mithril Ingot
21. Place the Empty Gear Mould under the Pipe and put the Mithril Ingot inside the Melt and
~~take the filled Gear Mould
22. Place the Filled Gear Mould on the Anvil and take the Mithril Gear
23. Exit

Ir=iron ingot
Iro=iron ore
Rc=Red Crystal
S1. crouch through the wall
S2. Use the middle Shelf
S3. Use the South wall in S2
S4. Use the 4 walls(S4) pull the lever at S4.1 Axesmith at S4.2 goes away
S5. Crack in teh Wall(Iron Pickaxe Neded)
S6. push the Button on the desk partial covered by the chair

Map 05-Grove

1. Dive through the Tunnel
2. Switch opens Door(3)
3. Door open by Switch(2)
4. Vine Key
5. Vine Door
6. Push Power Switch
7. Go through the Vent
8. Switch opens Door(9)
9. Door open by Switch(8)
10. Stone Key
11. Stone Door
12. Book of Earth
13. Vine Door
14. Use Book of Earth on the parchment
15. Tablet opens Vines(16)(when you enter the library the tablet is in the left shelf,
~~use a book that looks out.)
16. Vines open by Tablet(15)
17. Earth Key
18. Earth Door
19. Switch for Portal
20. Portal(Exit) open after the ambush
S1. Top of the Waterfall
S2. Jump on the west side on the Roof
S3. On the 2th Floor is a switch beneath the table open a hidden place behind the fur in the 3th floor
S4. Hidden Passage
S5. Use the left shelf on the east Wall
S6. Use the tablet on the Second Floor(Book of Earth needed)

Map 06-Errant Signal

~No Map, No secrets

1. Move south to the Door go in and take the Vine Key
2. Open the Vine Door in the East and follow the way
3. after the Blood trail on the floor push the switch on the left wall
4. Go downstairs and through the left door move east push the button left of the cell door
5. Move to the cell Lift(the lift doesn’t work)
6. move back west some boxes are gone there is now a free door to open move in.
7. Turn arround 180° and move through the portal
8. Pick up the Power Core and open the Door
9. Move through the west Door and insert the Power Core in the North Door to open it.
10. Go to the Cave entrance in North-East
11. Jump on the top in the west and through the door on your left
12. move east to the cell with the lift that wasn’t working before
~~ push the switch of the Lift and go down.
13. take the middle way (north-east) and follow the way,
~~at the fork head left and use your dead body.
14. Just follow Abhaoth…
15. …straight ahead…
16. …you are in a corridor, turn arround 180° and move to the end
17. turn arround 180° again and move on there is a door at the right side at the end of the corridor
18. go through the Door and follow the way, jump through the window follow the corridor
19. jump in the second last window on the left side
20. Move through the other window diagonally opposite and jump through.
21. turn arround 180° and jump through the window
22. go left to the end of the corridor and jump through the small passage on the left wall.
23. Go right and move in the third last door on the right side
24. Go ahead and open the last Door, go through the portal.
25. Jump your way down to Abhaoth listen and follow Abhaoth…
26. …you are now in a cave follow the way and the glow
27. You come to some glowing mushrooms,
~~duck and turn right to see the way glowing and follow this way.
28. you see now a green glow on the walls,
~~follow the way ahead till your reach some glowing mushrooms.
29. take the way left (north-east) you will meet Abhaoth again.
30. move to Abhaoth and falling down to another cave (or time…)
31. Avoid Nithriel follow the way, at the fork RUN left,
~~shortly before Nithriel RUN right and you will reach the Lift
32. Use the lift and go up, wait till Nithriel is on the left side, now RUN out to the right side
33. RUN ahead past Nithriel and take the stairs on the right,
~~RUN to the switch right side of the Door and use it.
34. Just run’n gun her and pick up anything you need,
~~the area will expand over the battle with more enemies and items.

Map 07-Parapet

1. Turn the Power switch on.
2. Use the switch opens Door(3)
3. Door open by switch(2)
4. Switches opens Door(5) and Door(6)
5. Door open by switch(4)
6. Door open by switch(4)
7. Move in the House, Go down the
~~ladder in the corner and follow the way.
8. Switch opens Door(9),
~~opposite are two switches activating two turrents in the main hall.
9. Door open by switch(8)
10. Earth Key.
11. Switch opens Door(12)
12. Door open by switch(11)
13. Earth Door
14. Push the switch left of the window, hit the crack in the window and go through.
15. Go left following the Armor Shards.
16. Take the Shovel.
17. Use the Shovel at the crack in the wall.
18. Go through the tunnel.
19. Out of the tunnel jump up left and move forward to the tower(19)
20. Go into the tower, go down the ladder and stairs, open the right door on the 1th floor and take ~~the Crystal key.
21. (optional) go the tower up again and use the rope to get to the other Tower.
22. Use all four switches.
23. use the two keys on the two switches on the 2th floor.
24. Push the Button after it’s released it will open the magical sealed Door(25)
25. Magical Door opens by Switch(23,24)
26. Exit
S1. Jump behind the boxes to the Door move in and use the Shelf on the right side
S2. At S1 use the north wall
S3. Jump in the right picture
S4. Jump on the rock and up
S4.1 1st Note (you need to read 3 Notes)
S4.2 2nd Note behind a wood stack and the Tower on the Ground.
S4.3 3rd Note on the table in the tower first floor
S4.4 In the Small room after the tunnel behind the boxes
S4.5 if you read all four Notes you have now a X at S4.5, Dig!

Map 08-Pale Wind

************************Map a************************
1. Stone Key
2. Stone Door
3. Cyan Crystal needed by(4)
4. Statue, but the cyan Cristal in front of the statue
5. Use the crack in the ice
~~and dive through the passage in the south
6. Some Vines
7. Bridge, use it(3x Wooden Plank, 1x some Vines)
~~and jump to the other side
8. Way to Map b

************************Map b************************
9. Jump over the wall
10. Go through the north-east tower to the top
~~of the wall and jump on the roof(11)
11. Fall down in the hole and take the iron ingot
12. Go to the north-east tower again this time
~~1st floor and melt the ingot get a bar of hot iron
13. Use the bar of hot iron on the anvil
~~get the iron lever
14. Second floor, Insert the iron lever(13) on the left
~~side and pull both lever to open the gate(15)
15. Maingate and the axe key opens Door(16)
16. Axe Door 1st floor (Map c) go through the Door follow the way to Map d

***********************Map c+d***********************
17. Dive in the well and follow the glow
18. Iron Key
19. 3xswitches for the cells
20. switch for door(21)
21. Door open by switch(20)
22. Dwarf
23. Go back to the 1st floor(Map c)
~~and go upstaires
************************Map b************************
24. Iron Doors
25. Go down to the basement of the tower and take the keg of dragonbrew, give it to the ~~Dwarf(22,Map d) you get the Earth Key
26. Use the Earth key on the Earth Door (Map d)
27. Exit

W=Wooden Plank
S1. Jump on the middle Pillar go down on the left side and duck
S2. Search for a X on the ground and dig.
S3. go down the Wall the secret is outside
S4. Go to the 3rd floor of the main building and enter the east room bedroom, under the pillow is a ~~note read it. head in the cellar map d
S4.1. Crouch through the window
S4.2. Use the code 1357 and open the secret with the switch

Map 09-Research and Decay

1. Go through the window
2. Use the switch to open door(3)
3. Door open by switch(2)
4. Push the switch left of the door
~~and RUN fast arround to the opossite door(5)
5. Door opens temporary by using the switch(4)
6. Take the Jar of Corrosive Acid from the shelf
7. Use the Jar of Corrosive Acid on the iron bars
8. Earth Key
9. Earth Door 1
10. Go through the vent
11. Jump in the water
12. Pull the lever left of the door to open the door
13. Push the switch move back and pull the switch(12) again to close the door, the water will rise
14. leave the water to the east
15. Go through the vent
16. Go through the destroyed window
17. Use the switch and go through the wall.
18. Move through the door
19. and another door to move through
20. Pick up the Hunk of Flesh…
21. …and give it to the dog, you get the Axe Key
22. Axe Door
23. Switch opens doors(24)
24. Doors open by switch(23)
25. This way…
26. …Ambush!
27. after the cute scene you start here.
28. Push the switch and take the crystal key
29. Crystal Door
30. Crystal Door and Exit
S1. Dive to the secret
S2. Use the wall
S3. Use the shelf
S4. Accessible after the cut scene.

Map 10-Crystal Heart

1. Air Figurine
2. Put the Air Figurine(1) here
3. Earth Figurine
4. Put the Earth Figurine(3) here
5. Air Fragment 1/4
6. Water Figurine
7. Put the Water Figurine(6) here
8. Fire Fragment 2/4
9. Fire Figurine
10. Earth Fragment 3/4, the fire goes off
~~after you take the Fire Fragment(8)
11. Put the Fire Figurine(9) here
12. Two switches, use both to release the Water Fragment(13)
13. Water Fragment 4/4
14. Put all 4 Fragments in here, it opens the Door(15)
15. Door opens by the 4 Fragments(14)
16. Go through the big hall
17. Jump in here
18. use the moving ring to get to the other side and go through the leftsided Door
19. Go through the vent
20. And again, use the ring to get to the other side
21. Crouch through the vent
22. Earth Key opens door(23)
23. Earth Door open by Earth Key(22)
24. Talk to Lancer Dendra, take the Crystal Key after finished talking and take the 2 npc’s with you
25. Another Npc let him follow you
26. Crystal door open by Crystal key(24)
27. This way…
28. Another Npc,crouch and push the switch leftside of the npc
29. A Switch in the south-east corner, push it to open the doors(30)
30. Doors open by switch(29)
31. Another Npc, make sure she survive the fight (fight first and push the switch(29)after fight)
32. Push the switch to open door(33)
33. Door open by switch(32)
34.Move on to the portal(35)
35. Portal, be prepared it leads to the final fight (Use ever item you have and run’n gun the last Boss and his pals)

pa=portal arrival
S1. Behind the wall
S2. Dive down in the pool after you put the Fire Figurines(9) on the socket(11)
S3. 2nd floor is a ledge leading to the secret in the corner

Empty Maps without notes

Map 01-Cold Rock part I
Map 01-Cold Rock part II
Map 02-Plaza
Map 03-Barracks
Map 04-Technical Space
Map 05-Grove
Map 07-Parapet
Map 08-Pale Wind Map a+b
Map 08-Pale Wind Map c+d
Map 09-Research and Decay
Map 10-Crystal Heart

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