Hero of the Kingdom The Lost Tales 1: How to Make Money

Here is a guide on how to make money quickly in Hero of the Kingdom The Lost Tales 1.


How to Make Money?
The best and quickest way I found to make money is to bake and sell fish.

You can buy raw fish from the merchant in the fishing village for 5 gold each.
You can buy salt from the baker in the village (buy pastry) for 3 gold each.
The fishwife in the fishing village will bake the fish for you free of charge, and will use 1 fish and 1 salt for each baked fish.
Bake the fish, then sell it back to the fishing merchant for 10 gold each.

You can change the number of items you are trading at one time by clicking on the “1x” button on the left of the transaction window. You can buy in increments of 1, 5, or 10. This makes it much faster to do all the transactions.

Credit to CSaintD

Hero of The Kingdom: The Lost Tales 1 Gameplay

Hero of the Kingdom is an adventure, point and click, hidden object, RPG. This episode returns to its roots. It is more like the original 1+2 instead of following the resource hunting and skill leveling path of Episode 3.

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