Hidden Deep Playtest: How to Pass the Vent Part

A step-by-step guide on passing vent part on Day 90, AKA Level 3.


Passing the vent part
Wookie knows about the vent issue currently, will be fixed soon!

First step

Ascend a little above the vent. (You can ascend even more than on screenshot)

Second step

Start to swing. (I still don’t know, it also works with small swing too.)

Third step

Release. I recommend pressing C rather than space, i don’t know, but i think it will increase your chances to fail. Then, press W+D (don’t spam too much, otherwise you get stuck and die)
Release the rope by pressing C (by default)
Start pressing W+D (Don’t spam too much)

Here as you can see i stood up while in the vent, which led me to death.

…If you did everything right, then you are in vent! Congratulations!

I had several fails on the vent too, because this part is mostly bugged, but practice will solve everything! Just keep trying and you pass someday, and it’s all possible!

Thanks to Cr1t1cal for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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