Hobo Tough Life: Quick & Easy Money Guide

Here is a very easy way to make fast money, and make more and more each time you do this !


Ok.. Tell me how to get fast money then…
So it turns out that simply begging people for free money is actually kinda broken
i know i know “thats your big secret ?? to do begging ??……”well i made a short youtube video that shows you how VERY strong this can be
and what makes it pretty insane is that the MORE you do this, the easier an faster it gets !

ive tried a bunch of other money-guides:
Do these fast quests
Sell this type of item to this npc
buy 500 scratch cards with lucky luke

for me, none of them are pulling in the kinda coin i make from Beg-spamming on a very busy NPC spawn location thats also got rain cover and its very close to these handy points of interest:

1st hobo base
shop keeper
fire barrel (free / infinite)
public toilets
sleeping benches

its all explained in this short video, go see how much i make in one day
if it helps you or if you have a better method please join in the discussion & good luck out there

By Enzime

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