House Flipper: 100% Achievement Guide for Pet DLC

This Guide helps you to reach the 100% of all Achievements in House Flipper – Pets DLC   Pet DLC-Achievements What’s in the box? Tons of cuteness to say the least! Complete the first Stowaway mission from Alice Finbar. ——————————————————————————————————- A journey full of fluffiness Morgan is proud of you. Complete all the orders on […]

House Flipper: Home Buyers Guide 2021

We’re starting fresh for 2021 playing HGTV, House Flipper, and Garden Flipper adding homes for buyers. There are a lot of houses to complete to be allowed to finish the game and unlock every achievement.   Tutorial First off, you need to complete 20 to 30 jobs. There are a hundred jobs to finish for […]

House Flipper: Japanese Garden Guide

How I got 5 stars in the Japanese Garden Competition   Introduction I struggled to get all 5-star ratings in the Japanese Garden contest and couldn’t find many tips online, so thought I would make this guide to show what finally worked for me! Please comment if you have anything to add. General Tips You […]