House Party: All Cutscenes Guide (Updated Sep 2021)

Here is a guide on how to use the CutScene command to experience the new intimacy POV cutscenes.

Note: This guide is created by TÜV Rheinland, that is updated to Version 0.20 in September 2021.


EZ mode

Hi all, this is the EZ mode section right at the beginning of the guide, with all the current scenes you would want. just copy and enjoy.

the Frank finale
cutscene 0 FrankFinale Frank
the end of Katherines Story
cutscene 0 KatherineFinale Katherine
the end of Rachaels storyline
cutscene 0 RachaelFinale Rachael
Vickie’s finale
cutscene 0 VickieFinale Vickie
generic intimacy with anyone in the master bedroom
cutscene 0 PlayerMasterBedroomSex1 *name*

You have to replace the


part with a name from this list:
Amy, Arin, Ashley, Brittney, Dan, Derek, Frank, Katherine, Leah, Lety, Madison, Patrick, Rachael, Stephanie, Vickie

!!But to use Arin, Dan, Lety or Vickie, you have to enable them first if they are not already at the party using this command, with the right name, of course.

EnableNPC Vickie


0. Syntax

0.0 opening the console

Press the ` key to open the console(left of “1”, above TAB).
On german keyboards it’s the ö key

0.1 available cutscene modes (appear in the help)

0 = PlayScene
1 = PlayRandomSceneFromLocation

0.2 actual syntax

FOR THE THREESOMES you have to put the characters as follows:

cutscene 0 *Threesome_scene* player *Character1* *Character2*

where character1 is always female, and character2 is male or female, depending on the scene.
You can also swap around the males, should work most of the time.

For a random cutscene at the location:

cutscene 1 *Location* *Character*

for a specific cutscene:

cutscene 0 *Scene* *Character*

1. Cutscenes

These are all the available cutscene names, which can be obtained by typing
list cutscene
(in case new ones get added and I don’t update this guide…)

The list so far…

  • FrankFinale
  • FrankFinale_c
  • KatherineFinale
  • KatherineFinale_c
  • PlayerMasterBedroomSex1
  • PlayerMasterBedroomSex1_c
  • RachaelFinale
  • RachaelFinale_c
  • ThreesomeFFM_AshleyRoom
  • ThreesomeFFM_Gazebo
  • ThreesomeFFM_MasterBedroom
  • ThreesomeMMF_ArtRoom
  • ThreesomeMMF_1_Gazebo
  • VickieFinale
  • VickieFinale_c

2. Locations

This is a list of all locations I discovered so far. There is no easy way of obtaining them, you have to cycle through them all.

You can either type in the corresponding number, or type the whole name, I don’t know why you would do this though…
For example, this plays a random cutscene from the MasterBedroom with Ashley (should be the MasterBedroomSex1):

cutscene 1 12 ashley
the spicy list

0 ArtRoomZone
1 BalloonZone
2 CompubrahZone
3 DiningRoomZone
4 DownStairsHallZone
5 FrontEntryWayZone
6 FrontSidewalkZone
7 GarageZone
8 KitchenZone
9 LaundryRoomZone
10 LivingRoomZone
11 LoadingDockZone
12 MasterBedroomZone
13 OutsideRoofZone
14 SpareRoomZone
15 StairwayZone
16 StudyZone
17 YardGazeboZone
18 YardHotTubZone
19 YardleftCornerZone
20 YardNearFirePitZone
21 YardPathGardenZone
22 YardRearLeftCornerZone
23 YardRightCornerZone
24 UpstairsBathroomZone
25 UpstairsHallZone

3. Characters

This is a list of all the characters you can use in the cutscenes. Everyone should work with every cutscene, but I did not test all combinations, obviously.

  • Amy
  • Arin
  • Ashley
  • Brittney
  • Dan
  • Derek
  • Frank
  • Katherine
  • Leah
  • Lety
  • Madison
  • Patrick
  • Rachael
  • Stephanie
  • Vickie

Note: the new female player character Teaser in the July Update is not included.

Thanks to TÜV Rheinland for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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