How to Build a Magnificent Kingdom: All IrisCodes Guide

All the IrisCodes to start the game with all the bonuses!


How to input, and the codes themselves

As soon as you boot up the game, if you check the main menu, there is an option that says “IrisCode”, just like the icon for this guide. If you select it, it will take you to a screen with seven zeroes.

What you have to do is to input these codes using your keyboard’s numeric pad. Do not use the regular number keys, they won’t work, so if you’re using a laptop and don’t have a way to type as if you had a numpad (using Fn keys or something like that), you’re out of luck.

As soon as you end typing the code, a window will appear telling you what you have unlocked, or that’s the idea, because only one of the messages is actually translated. There are also two that will show an empty window, and the rest will be in japanese. Nevertheless, just hit enter or click in the window to dismiss the message, and then hit backspace (the regular one!) to return to the beginning of the number string, and start typing the next code.

So, enough with the explanation. The codes are:

Blank message, Oorieimu. It looks like a preorder from a shop called MALICE?

English message, Adds Dille and Elle to your Party. Access it from Domestic Affairs.

Japanese message, Anime vol. 1, adds a new event, something related to soap.

Japanese message, Anime vol. 2, adds a new event, something related to customs or a checkpoint maybe?

Japanese message, Ariadne extra’s, you must use a given weapon, or you will receive it, I’m not sure.

Japanese message, Yushia extra’s, you must use a given weapon, or you will receive it, I’m not sure.

Japanese message, Ririka extra’s, you must use a given weapon, or you will receive it, I’m not sure.

Blank message, Shikishi’s gift, something related to a seiyuu/voice actor.

And that’s all. I’m not any good at japanese, so I did my best trying to badly translate the messages, so please, take my comments with a grain of salt. Of course, if anyone is good enough to tell us what they mean in English, please, comment on this guide and I’ll update this 🙂

Happy gaming!

Also, one last thing…

If you’ve bought the game, and think you’re missing something… maybe you’re right!

Remember you can download a restoration patch over the Kagura Games website to restitute all missing content from the game. Depending on your location, you should use the international site[], the japanese site[] or the chinese site[]. In case of doubt, the international site[] is probably the one you’re looking for.

Just scroll down a little bit, and after the image, click on the “PATCH” link. Then choose a mirror to download and check the instructions.

Thanks to Sandor for his excellent guide, all credit to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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