How to Equip and Customize Tattoos in NBA 2K19

Tattoos system is a especial system in NBA 2K series. however, it makes difference since NBA 2K18, which added the sandbox area called the Neighborhood, there are lots of players love to equip and customize tattoos in NBA 2K19. you can totally finish it as your want in the Neighborhood because of the thousands of customizable tattoos design in NBA 2K19 so far. This tattoos can be move, scale, rotate and place anywhere you want on your created players after you have bought them. here GamePretty will tech you how to equip and customize tattoos in NBA 2K19.


If you are looking to get a tattoo, one of the first things you should make clear that you hvae enough VC because all the tattoos in the item shop are really expensive.

Assuming you have much VC in the game. you can find the tattoo shop on the same road in the Neighborhood, just go straight and hang a right on the road that has Foot Locker and the NBA Store on the Corner. Stay on the right side of the road and you will find the tattoo shop.


There are 6 type of tattoos in the item shop: SLEEVES, ANIMALS, PREMIUM, NBA, LETTERS AND NIMBERS, MISCELLANEOUS. after you have chose the tattoos, you can also select the position in your body below as the 7 place. the arm is a wonderful place to place.


Move the tattoos as you like, you can move your tattoos in NBA 2K19 as below picture.


The finally step is to pay for you order.

Here is the complete guide in YouTuBe, you can also learn How to Equip and Customize Tattoos in NBA 2K19.

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