How to Fix Accessories NOT Showing Up in NBA 2K19

NBA 2K series is one of the most popular sports game all over the world, you can make your character within the game that you will take on the role of. Accessories system is one way you can really make you won as your like. However, there is a probably bug that the accessories are not showing up in the game.


How to Fix NBA 2K19 Accessories NOT Showing Up?

This seems a bug and it happened most in MyPlyaer mode, it is bizarre when you equipped a head band and leg sleeves and your dudes hair cut changes instead and aren’t on the player.

There is no efficient method to solve this bug so far and the 2K Sports has not released any patch to fix this bug.

How to Equip Accessories in NBA 2K19

Firstly, Get your hands on some accessories for your character. The accessories shop is the same to the shop where you get clothes.

Secondly, Try them all on to see how they look on your character, all the accessories you purchased need VC.

Finally, Match your character with pink sunglasses and over-the-top gold chains.


Hope this post will bring some help to you, if this post don’t work for you or you have the better method to solve this problem ,you can leave your comment below


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