How To Fix The Problem Of Can’t Prestige In Black Ops 4

Not Able to Prestige playing Black Ops 4 is very annoying when you have got the XP but stucked there. Lots of players have reported the problem but Treyarch hasn’t gave us any response yet, so far, there are only a few players have fixed the problem, and here is how they fixed their problem:

1. Reset, Restart, Reinstall your game.

2. When your trying to prestige don’t back out of the lobby you just finished getting you xp in. Go to barracks and prestige while your still in the pre game lobby.

Only a few player reports thatthey have fixed their problem by methods above, if you tried and they doesn’t work for you, I guess we have to wait for Treyarch to give us an offcial response.

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Post Author: Caspar Leblanc