HROT: All Enemies Names (1980s Czechoslovakia)

This guide covers all the monsters one can find in their adventure through 1980s Czechoslovakia.


Enemies name

Some enemies have internal names:

Smaskou = green soldier with gasmask
Skapuci = blue soldier with hood and teleport ability
Kejdovec = fat grenade boy
Hornik = kamikadze boy (“hornik” means a miner)
Pedro = small pink similar to DOOM pinky demon
SUP = dog (SUP means “standalone attacking dog”)
Kapr = fish
Sekac = spider
Semik = horse with gasmask
Hlava = Lenin’s head = floating head
Konfident = turret
Gottwald (boss)


Zombie = shotgun guy hazmat suit
UNC Loader
Gorilla (boss)
Goat (boss)
Big spider (boss)


Common enemies
Smaskous are the first enemies found in the game, and also some of the weakest. They are humanoids clad in rags and gas masks, and wield what appears to be an AK-47. However, they only fire in semi-auto, and deal moderate damage. They can be killed quite easily, a single shotgun blast or a few swings from your trusty sickle will take them out. While they can easily be beaten alone, they often travel in groups which makes it a much tougher fight.

Liquidators are something like a tougher version of Smaskous. They carry pump-action shotguns and are covered head-to-toe in a biohazard suit. Their shotgun packs quite a punch. If your health is low, they may kill you in a single shot. They are also quite fast moving, as well as very tough. They can take around four shotgun shots to kill, and can be a very strong enemy when in close quarters.

Rats are large rodents with glowing red eyes. They are very weak, and will die from a few hits of your pistol or a few swings from your sickle. The sickle, in particular, is quite a good weapon against them as their damage hitbox is larger than it first appears. Rats only pose a problem when combined with other, stronger enemies, in tight spaces.

SUPs (standalone attacking dog) are feral dogs with splotches of blood covering their dark coat. While not extremely tough, they are quite agile, often utilizing a leap attack to maul the player. Their speed combined with their small frame makes them somewhat hard to hit, as well. Nonetheless, they are not very dangerous as long as one has a shotgun with a few shells.

Kejdovecs are corpulent, slow-moving humanoids who wear what seems to be a ballistic vest and a hazardous materials suit which covers their body. They are also equipped with a black baton and a grenade launcher, which fires glowing red bouncing grenades. Their grenades detonate a few seconds after being fired, or if they touch another living thing. Kejdovecs’ batons aren’t very dangerous, as one has to be in hugging distance for them to use it.

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