Human Fall Flat: Laboratory Guide (New Map & Achievements)

The most scientifically sophisticated level yet, Laboratory, has arrived in Human: Fall Flat. here is a simple guide for the new map and 4 new achievements in Laboratory .


How to Get the 4 New Achievements

Reach the exit door whilst holding an orb in the launch pad room

A big thank you to mxtthw for helping out with this achievement.
In the 3rd room. The one with the big catapult in the middle of the floor, you want to take a orb to the exit of that room. This can be done by accident if you overshoot putting in the final orb, or just taking a orb up there.

Hit all targets without missing a single shot

This one sounds harder than what is actually required. In the middle of the map you will come across a cannon puzzle requiring you to shoot the 4 pads. Use the leavers to aim the cannon, It is accurate to where ever the laser is. Make sure you don’t accidentally knock the ball of the stand. If you miss you may need to restart the map.

Cast it Into the Fire
Cast it Into the Fire
Throw a orb in to the lava

At the end of the map in the final room, you will find some orange hot flowing lava, become gollum and yeet your self with the orb.

* The lava in the starting area did not work for this achievement, i think it has to be done at the end of the map.

Beat the map “Laboratory”

Finish off the map, its a fun and easy one, Enjoy!

Thanks to Foozo for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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