Human Fall Flat: Lumber Map Achievements Guide

All achievements for the newest map, however I believe most would be stuck on Lights Out.


This one is super simple. In the first house, as soon as you spawn in, there’s a bed, which you take out the house, across the ravine with the two wooden planks and dump it into the lake.

Lantern 1 and 2 for Light Out
One thing you need to know before you start the Lights Out achievement is that you need to complete it without the host loading a save point at all, as it causes all of the lanterns to reset.
The first lantern you need to find is on a hill, by a small shack, next to a lake that you need to cross with a plank of wood.

The second lantern is hidden in the back by the lift and large box on wheels, you can easily see it as the light from it lights up the cliff wall behind it.

Safety First
This one is fairly self-explanatory, just have a hook in each hand for the zip line after the area the second lantern was in, although it is awkward to position right.

Lantern 3 to 5 for Lights Out
The third lantern is in the mines, so you should just come across it while playing through the level usually.

The fourth lantern you can find after the raft segment down the river to the right.

The fifth and final lantern is out of the way near the end where you need to jump on wind turbines to activate them.

The Great Outdoors
Good job babes, you did it.

Thanks to Doug Walker for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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