HuniePop All Outfits – List Of All Outfits And How To Unlock Them Part 1 – Aiko, Nikki, Kyanna

Outfits in HuniePop are unlocked by taking a girl on a date at a particular location. The only control you have over going to a particular location is by initiating the date at a particular time of day. Each time of day has three unique locations. Unfortunately some girls will wear the same outfit to two different locations, but I have determined that the combination of outfit and location is fixed for each girl. Since it’s essentially a dice roll (i.e., random) which of the three locations will come up for the date, your only option (assuming you are actively working on unlocking outfits and don’t care about continuing with the date otherwise) is to close the game and restart.

The above method will save a lot of time, and has gotten me at least a couple of outfits I needed and much faster than cycling through the days. Hopefully the devs will give more options in the future. I’d love to see a “bail on your date” option.


Time of Day Location Outfit
Morning Botanical Garden Dahlia Rose
Hiking Trail Gold Chateau
Farmers Market Dahlia Rose
Afternoon Ice Rink Gold Chateau
Water Park Royal Flush
Tennis Courts Gold Chateau
Evening Scenic Overlook February Air
Gold Falls Casino Summer School
Hot Springs Royal Flush
Night Outdoor Lounge February Air
Corkscrew Carnival Dahlia Rose
Vinnie’s Restaurant February Air

Aiko Bedroom


Time of Day Location Outfit
Morning Botanical Garden Pajamas
Hiking Trail Yuppie
Farmers Market Independent
Afternoon Ice Rink Yuppie
Water Park Sunset Shore
Tennis Courts Yuppie
Evening Scenic Overlook Nerd Girl
Gold Falls Casino Independent
Hot Springs Sunset Shore
Night Outdoor Lounge Pajamas
Corkscrew Carnival Pajamas
Vinnie’s Restaurant Independent

Nikki Bedroom



Time of Day Location Outfit
Morning Botanical Garden Lemon Cream
Hiking Trail Checkmate
Farmers Market Lemon Cream
Afternoon Ice Rink Checkmate
Water Park Emerald Coast
Tennis Courts Pacific Rider
Evening Scenic Overlook Oye Mamacita
Gold Falls Casino Checkmate
Hot Springs Emerald Coast
Night Outdoor Lounge Oye Mamacita
Corkscrew Carnival Oye Mamacita
Vinnie’s Restaurant Lemon Cream

Kyanna Bedroom


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