Hunt Showdown: Desalle Sniper Sightlines Map

Colored map of notable Desalle sniper tower, sightlines made via eyeballing really hard. May not be entirely accurate.


Quick Introduction

I made this map for my own personal use so that I can know what sniper spots can see what areas, for my own immersive solo mosin sniper exit camper experience. My use for this map is to draw a line from where the bounty is being banished to the nearest exit so that I know what sniper spot gets the most coverage on the enemy. You can use this map inversely if you would like to know what spots you can be seen from in common sniper towers.

Darrin Shipyard and Fort Bolden sniper towers are not included as they only cover their own areas and cannot see outside their compound.

Also all sightlines are just me eyeballing it from the tower and drawing it on the map and may not be entirely accurate.

Hope you find this guide helpful you little sniper rats (:

The Map

– Teal dots are the location of each tower
– Red = Pelican Island Prison
– Yellow = Kingsnake Mine
– Blue = Weeping Stone Mill
– Pink = First Testimonial Church Left
– Green = First Testimonial Church Right

The colors indicate what areas each sniper spot can see.

Pelican Island Tower

Kingsnake Mine

Weeping Stone Mill

First Testimonial Church (Left)

First Testimonial Church (Right)

Bonus Cheeky Sniper Spot

Bonus Cheeky spot to get a bit more height at the sniper spot at Kingsnake Mine.

At the Kingsnake Mine Sniper spot there is this slanted pole If you just run at it and jump a few times you can just climb up it.

Do note that standing on top of this pole was considered on the map as it gives you a little bit more sightline over hills and into compounds.

Thanks to Poofy for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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