Hunt Showdown: Desalle Sniper Sightlines Map

Colored map of notable Desalle sniper tower, sightlines made via eyeballing really hard. May not be entirely accurate.   Quick Introduction I made this map for my own personal use so that I can know what sniper spots can see what areas, for my own immersive solo mosin sniper exit camper experience. My use for […]

Hunt: Showdown – How to Find Your Traits

How to find your traits you need, traits can grant passive bonuses to Hunters. Here is a video comparison with and without traits. For your convenience, the timecode will be put below. 0:13 – BeastFace 0:22 – Bolt Seer 0:38 – Bulletgrubber 0:50 – Conduit 1:00 – Deadeye Scopesmith 1:11 – Decoy Supply 1:15 – […]