hyper hardcore: Employee Guide

The core gameplay


The main game mechanic is typing. Randomized strings of letters will appear on your screen, and your job, in turn, is to type them out before the timer runs out (indicated by the background of the text-box filling up with a darker color).
Some of the game-modes will also involve numeric and arrow keys (see details for each mode below).


You start with getting Level Green Access from your Boss. This level will allow you to play the Default game-mode. After reaching XP level 10 (by completing missions, scoring or beating your best) you will unlock Level Blue Access, providing you access to the rest of the game-modes.

Default is the game mode that you unlock with your green access pass. There are no additional requirements to unlock this game mode.

In the Default game-mode you need to write the letters in the center of your screen as fast as possible. The darker background moving upwards is your timer. Once it reaches the top you’re out of time and the game is over.

Additionally you have darker bars from the bottom/top/right/left edge moving towards the center. They are your secondary counter, which you need to refresh by pressing the corresponding arrow key on your keyboard.

Once the game feels you got comfortable with the current challenge it will increase the difficulty. This includes things like

  • suddenly needing to type in reverse
  • fake red sides, which you need to ignore otherwise you fail
  • different dimensions of side bars, where you first need to select the correct one with numeric keys


Keep in mind that you will still have to choose the correct dimension dealing with red ignore sides!

Typewriter is the second game mode, which unlocks for players with Level Blue.
In typewriter mode the game is stripped down to its core mechanic: typing. All you have to do in this mode is type the letters that appear on your screen. The string starts at 5 letters and keeps growing in size as you progress further.
Keep in mind that reversed typing is a thing here either!

Legacy is the third game mode, and the second that unlocks with Blue Access.
It’s the classic game mode that veterans will definitely remember!
It consists of typing out the letters and smashing sides, but the only progression will be the growth of the words. The sides will not multiply like they would in the default mode, and you will not have to type in reverse.

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