Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1: Unlimited Memory Guide

Simple fast way to unlimited memory without multiple playthroughs.
Required DLC: Shares Quests


Background: Looking through guides and walkthroughs for this game, I saw numerous posts saying that the only way to get more memory after completing all the boss battles was to do another run of the game. By complete accident, I found this not to be the case. Since I didn’t know about it and haven’t seen anyone else post it, I made this quick guide to show how to do it.

Additionally, this is my first guide so let me know what I can do to make it better. 🙂

DLC Requirement: Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 Shares Quests

In-game Requirement: Chapter 8 of first playthrough or anytime in subsequent playthroughs

Must have enabled Additional Content Pack 13 in the title screen DLC menu

How to do it
Short Version: Fake Purple Heart drops 1024 MB of memory. She can be rebattled at Virtua Forest during an appropriate quest at the guild. The quest is repeatable, thus you can farm as much memory as you want.

Long Version: After reaching chapter 8, head to the guild in any of the towns. There will be an A-level quest called “Fake Goddess of Planeptune”. Accept this quest. You should see an event icon at Virtua Forest now. Go there and head to where you fought the boss from chapter 1. You will see an event crystal where you will fight “Fake Purple Heart”. This is the exact same one you fought in chapter 7 After winning the fight you will receive 1024 MB.

If you want more memory, simply run or Eject Button back to the world map. Return to the guild. Report the quest complete. Accept it again and follow the same steps until you have as much memory as you want.

Q: The quest is not available at the guild. What do I do?
A: Make sure you have bought the right DLC, its been downloaded, it is enabled in the title screen menu, and you are on Chapter 8 if it is your first playthrough.

Q: The event crystal is not there. What do I do?
A: Make sure you are in Virtua Forest and the quest is active but not done. You will have to report and re-accept the quest each time to battle Fake Purple Heart again.

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