HyperParasite: How to Access other Levels?

There two or more levels in each Act. here is a guide on how to access other levels? if you have any problems. please let me know.

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How to Access other Levels?

In order to enter the Underground Temple (the green path) you need to beat the second boss at least once. It will drop a (permanent) collectible object that will grant you access to the temple.

If you want to go the other way (Bowels of Asiatown), you need to beat all the three Lords of Asiatown (mini-bosses). Each of them will drop a (permanent) piece of password. Once you have the full password, you’ll be able to access Bowels of Asiatown.

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All Levels in HyperParasite

There are 5 Acts in HyperParasite:

  • ACT I: Downtown
  • ACT II: Asiatown
  • ACT III: Industrial Area
  • ACT IV: Desert
  • ACT V: The Hexagon

Each Act is subdivided into two or more Levels (usually, a Main Level and one/twoSub-Level/s).

At the end of each Main Level there’s a Boss Fight.

Sub-Levels are usually shorter and harder levels.

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