I hate this game: 100% Achievement Guide

This is a 100% achievement guide for the game ‘I hate this game’. Credit goes to BraiweN, as without his guide, I wouldn’t be able to 100% the game myself.




The code from the website:

|2| |3| |7| |8| |5| |4| |6| |1|

Copy phrase

Copy this to clipboard:



This is the email response you get:

Game Hater <[email protected]>

I didn’t guess, that you are so clever and you can solve this. Here is a little combination of numbers which can help you in some way.

|0| |6| |2| |1| |0| |3| |1| |1|


Thank BraiweN for this

Up(7); Right(4); Down(3); Right(2); Up(3); Right(2); Down(2); Right(3); Down(5); UnlockDoor(); Right(7); Up(8); Right(3); release();


And now try to play
Choose black and black colorFirst Hate
Close the first level

I hate this TV
Watch all TV channels
Level 40

Erase the ticket completely
Level 62

Dance Master
Get score 100 on “Dance”
Level 52

Extra vision
Don’t use the cursor on 2.5D
Level 13

Dig up all stones on “Hatecraft”
Level 19

Precisely drop
Drop all the blocks in a row on “Drop”
Level 35

Two-eyed cyclops
Complete “Cyclops” without turning around
Level 39

Don’t do it anymore
Make a headshot
Level 79

Shoot your character on “Sniper”

Perfect accuracy
Hit all bullets on the target on “Sniper”
Level 79

This achievement may seem bugged, however if you lower your refresh rate then it becomes much easier. I lowered mine to 24Hz, the lowest it would go.
The game counts amount of bats shot vs bullets used, so you can still miss some bats if you hit multiple bats with one bullet.

Notes for wimps
Don’t use notes
Level 74

You can’t use the notes to the left:

Emoji lover
Unlock – this – achievement
Level 66

Change the icons to what the achievement says:


There are 10 secret rooms in the game.

I recommend following BraiweNs youtube video:It is much better to see what to do, as it requires you to do some specific things in different levels.

Secret level
Find a secret level

And the hidden achievement:

Thank you
Open the development room

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