I hope she’s ok: How to Get the “I hope that’s everything” Achievement

This guide will help you to find all the social media posts you need to get the “I hope that’s everything” achievement



To unlock the achievement “I hope that’s everything”, you need to find all the social media posts and defeat the Näkki. In order to defeat the Näkki you should select the upbeat option over the downbeat option in the majority of the social media posts when presented with a choice.

Important: Most optional social media posts can only be made during certain parts of the story. If you progress without finding them, you won’t be able to unlock this achievement.

Full list of social media posts

Posts marked with (!) must be posted to progress in the game.

Part 1 – Arrival at the cabin

  • The first post (!)
  • Photo of the cabin
  • Trying to leave the premises post
  • Photo of the boat
  • Photo of the garden
  • Photo of the jetty
  • Photo of the bark bread
  • Photo of the roses
  • Photo of the deck chairs
  • Photo of the toilet
  • Photo of the well
  • Photo of the magpie in the house
  • The magpie at the back of the house (post or photo) (!)
  • Photo of the note on the door (!)
  • Starting the search post (!)

Part 2 – The Search

  • The newspaper article post
  • The antidepressant pills post
  • Photo of the Näkki in the folklore book (!)
  • Photo of the deer
  • Post about the letter in the mailbox (!)
  • Photo of the beer
  • Photo of the sauna elf
  • Photo of the birch whisk
  • Diary post 1: Kaisa saw the Näkki (!)
  • Diary post 2: The magpie nest location (!)
  • Näkki by the water (photo or post)
  • Photo of the fallen tree (!)
  • Photo of the shovel (!)

Part 3 – Evening – After digging up the garden

  • Photo of the jetty in the evening
  • Photo of the swan
  • Post about the saw Sawing the tree (!)
  • Photo of the sawn up tree
  • Photo of the rock
  • Photo of the crash site
  • Photo of the mushrooms
  • The basement key post (!)

Part 4 – Night – After picking up the basement key

  • Violin play and splash sound post (!)
  • Photo of the cuckoo clock
  • Missing violin post
  • Closed hatch post (!)
  • Photo of the photos
  • Final post about the Näkki (!)

Thanks to inkakamu for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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