Idle Monster TD: Gem Spending Guide

This guide is a general purpose guide for Gem Spending. It gives a recommended order, particularly useful for Early Game. Like all guides, the results may vary due to the variety in all accounts.


Gem Guide
Hello Everyone!

One of the most common questions out there is: How should I spend gems?

This is a pretty difficult one to answer, because a lot of it ends up being your preference! There’s no absolute right or wrong answers, and many players have reached the top tiers of the game using wildly different routes than eachother. However, there are some general consensus on an order you should consider following:

1) 2x Game Speed (Permanent)
2) Unlock Research tiers
3) Unlock Tournament tiers
4) 2 to 4 levels of Damage Boost
5) Re-Roll Artifacts AFTER clearing wave 750
6) Resource Pack IV (optional – used specifically for Tech Scrolls if you’re following a Tech-Scroll Guide)
7) Exotic Skill Unlocks (Nimbus/Squidler should be prioritized, followed by Treefer/Heatrash)

The rest of the steps are a little more flexible. My personal opinion is to do a blend of the rest – not necessarily doing one completely and then another; but instead do a few here, a few there, to get the immediate benefits.

8) Game Speed 5%
9) Gold Drop%
10) Kill Exp%
11) Tournament Points
12) Max Alchemy
13) Autocast Amount
14) Autocast Timer

As stated before, you don’t necessarily need to max out one upgrade before moving on to the next. For instance, Autocast may be a higher priority if you are often afk but you don’t have to max out the timer before you upgrade anything else. Remember, adjust it to your play style.

With that being said, the most common follow up question is: How should I NOT spend gems?

This is a much shorter list:

1) Cargo Carrier HP
2) 3x Prestige Points
3) Gold Drop +1
4) Kill Exp +1

Anything not included in this list should be considered at one point or another, but these are by far the least effective for the cost of gems.

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