If On A Winter’s Night Four Travelers: Secret Achievements Guide

Most of the Achievements in the game are Story Related or they are very good described, how to get them, on the Achievement page. So we will focus on the Secret Ones. Spoiler Alert!
I Just Need A Moment

Hint: After heating discussion, just go to the bathroom, but not after you did something you can’t take back.
Solution: After Patrick tells you he’s breaking up with you and you need to sit down and talk, go into the bathroom and look in the mirrorThank you barondeghost for this one

Just A Bit Longer

Hint: Just let her sleep
Solution: At the beginning of the second story, we see character in a bed. Don’t do anything. Wait till achievement will pop out (I think it was a minute or 2)

Looking For Trouble

Hint: When you’re armed, just go and try to break things upstairs
Solution: Break the vasin after getting the letter about it, then go take the bar near the fireplace and go up to where you threw the vasin and click itThank you Renantian for this one

The Wound Man

Hint: You remember poster of Wound Man? Use it in order
Solution: Even if it will “stop” the ritual, just use the knife on the parts in order from the poster.“The Sun rules the intellect.
Venus makes the heart yearn
Mercury is the hand in darkness.
Mars wields the sword
Jupiter hungers for power,
and casts Saturn’s genitals into the sea”

So Forehead, Chest, Left Hand, Right Hand, Stomach, Crotch

Thanks to Alextasha for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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