Ikai: 100% Achievement Guide

A guide to getting all the achievements in the game. Please read the note.



All achievements can be obtained in one playthrough, but it will be almost impossible to do this. It is advisable to finish the game and start again, before that, having familiarized yourself with the achievements. Make sure to back up your saves as there is no chapter selection in the game and if you miss something you will have to start over. Exiting to the game menu and then reloading won’t help. All achievements are listed in chronological order.



This achievements are story-driven, you won’t miss them. See the video, there is a walkthrough of all the game.
Village protector
Time of the dead
The unholy shrine
Novice priestess
Slither away
Skilled priestess
Expert priestess
The crime’s author
The beginning of the end


If you miss a collectible you will need to start a new game or use an old save. Make collecting items a priority. The collectibles are arranged in chronological order, if you suddenly do not yet have access to some part of the location, you need to advance through the story. The achievement is unlocked after the end of the game.

Folktale believer
The collector

Seal master

It’s not entirely clear how to complete this achievement. I would be grateful if you also share your opinion. As I understand it, you need to finish all the “drawings” without errors and at one time, without stopping this mini-game. There are only 4 such drawings. The last one on the wall is not taken into account, as far as I understand. The achievement was given to me after completing the game.

A short daydream

Almost at the very beginning there will be a mini-game. You must catch the sister in less than 1 minute. Oriented by hearing and go to the side where you hear her steps, after you see her, start running and press LMB on her (do not run before). Watch the video. Time – 2:26

Escape the flames

After you wake up at the tree at night (where you took the dagger) and go back to the temple, there will be fire traps along the way (2 times). You need to go through them without ever hitting the fire. Watch the video. Time – 6:50

Pray from the distance

You need to throw a coin on the altar from a long distance and hit. Для этого стойте в проходе храма и не заходите за красную полосу. Защелкните ЛКМ для дальнего броска. Attempts are not limited, if you suddenly did not hit the first time.

Silent woods

You need to get out of the forest so that the worm does not notice you. If he notices you, he will catch you anyway. This achievement can be done both while stealth and while running. Watch the video. Time – 22:20

Cut the cursed songs

You need a single attempt to choose the right musical instrument. The correct musical instrument is the one in which the “drawings of the moon” look at each other.

No wrong pattern

Draw the correct pattern the first time and without mistakes. See screenshot.

A short nightmare

You need to find a katana in less than one minute. It is difficult to explain how to get to it in words. Watch the video. Time – 33:15

Warrior of destruction

It is necessary to chop the objects shown in the screenshots with a katana. Watch the video. Time – 34:10

Thanks to SHiSH for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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