I’m on Observation Duty 2 Timothy’s Revenge: Secret Ending (The cursed house Level)

Step by step guide to reach the secret ending in the level “The cursed house”


Step 1: Study

Move to the study cam. Click on the picture of the woman in the middle of the screen.
After that a text will appear on the picture “Find me.”

Step 2: Hallway

Move to the Hallway camera right away. A transparent version of the woman’s picture will appear over the door on the right side, don’t be suprised if she blinks.

Click on her image and another text will appear in big white letters “I’m buried under the flowers.”

Step 3: Yard

Move to the Yard camera. In the background in the middle of the screen are flowers between two other bigger plants. The woman’s transparent image is over those flowers, harder to see this time.

Click on the flowers and her image will move upwards and it will cut to the secret ending sequence!

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