Immortal Life: All Characters List (Names & Description)

Have trouble memorizing names and faces? I suffered first so you don’t have to!

Here is a photo guide to all the characters in town, along with their names and a short description to help you remember them.


About This Guide

Hi, everyone! I’m noeinan, your friendly world-hopping gay~ I am actually an indie game developer playing this game for fun + research, and since I have to take screencaps for my research I figured I might as well make a guide at the same time. It organizes my notes and perhaps other people will also find value in the things I need to keep track of while I play.

Some characters are missing from this guide, and I plan to slowly add them! I have gotten most of the ones that hang out around town, though. If you have better screenshots to suggest, please link them and I’ll see if I can replace it. I like the guide being pretty.

If you have a correction on misinformed information or additions that would be beneficial, please post a comment! I will do my best to support keeping this guide updated.

Why Did You Pick This Order For Characters?

Very simple. I ran around the town in a circle and screencapped everything. Then, I made the guide in mostly that order, fixing a few inconsistencies here and there to make sure I was grouping NPCs in a way that made sense.

I ended up just sticking sect members at the top, since they move around, and in the future I’ll stick other characters that move around at the bottom. As for order in each space, it’s either the ones you encounter first when you enter the door, or it’s in order of the person who can provide you the most resources at the top.

Ji Yaohua

The main investor supporting you to rebuild the sect. Multiple times she has paid for food or supplies for the sect in its time of desperate need. She has experience running a business and will eventually become on of the sect Elders.


A member of your sect who loves to fish. He often comes to take care of our injured sect brother.

Dao Si

An industrious man who runs a blacksmith shop. He doesn’t understand marketing, and everyone needs his services because he is the only smith in town, so he doesn’t offer daily sales.

Xu Xiangtao

A young teenager whose parents are always making her look after the younger kids. She generally hangs out in the NorthWest part of town.

Lv Ran

A woman who is cleaning a shop while the landlord waits to find a new tenant. She hangs out in the NortWest part of town.

Lin Xi

A young woman who is grieving the loss of a friend. She hangs out at the bridge staring into the water, we are all very concerned with her mental health. Check in with her often.

Kong Zhijian

The owner of Anju Lane, a store where you can buy furniture for your room. He has a young daughter.

Every day, or “Solar Term”, he has a rotating stock of on-sale goods. If you watch these, you can get a good deal.

Xiao Lian

A young child who loves to run around the village. She is the daughter of Kong Zhijian, the shop keeper at Anju Lane.

Gou Wa

A young boy who loves to run around town. His mother cleans the shop which you can later rent for your sect storefront. (Correct me if I’m mistaken about this.)

One of the rewards he gives for completing a quest is a Bamboo Flute, which can be given as a gift to improve friendship.

Sun He’an

The only practicing doctor in town. He is a kind soul who treats your injured sect brother for free in the aftermath of the disaster, delaying payment until you can afford to pay him.

He sells medicinal herbs and seeds for medicinal herbs.

Mu Xia

Daughter of the woman who owns the Inn. She is extremely friendly and helpful, often caring for our injured sect brother with no charge. She dreams of being a cultivator. If you work at the Inn cooking several times, she will offer to sell you recipes in exchange for ingredients.

Mrs. Ye

The woman who runs an Inn. You can buy liqueur from her.

Ma Xiaozhu

A young man working as a waiter at the Inn. You can talk to him to order any of the food from their in-house restaurant.

Xu Mao

The full-time chef working at the Inn. Sometimes, he has personal things to take care of and you can act as a substitute chef.

Jiang Ping

A man in town who sells snacks. Like all street vendors, his business was very affected by the disaster of the sect.

Mei Xiaohan

She is a wandering cultivator selling various exotic and expensive wares. Very interested in mutant vegetables. She will only show up near the beginning and middle of the season. Later on, you may redeem rare items through her.

Zhou Qian’er

A young woman selling fish at the market. Like all street vendors, her business was greatly affected by the sect disaster.


A tenacious woman selling vegetables in the market. She doesn’t stop her shop even the day of the sect disaster, presumably she can’t afford to close the shop for even one day.

Zhou Xing

An old fisherman who hangs out by the docks well into the night. He is an extremely hard worker.


Niu started with one name, but ended up with a different one because everyone refused to call him by the original. He makes a living moving goods for clients of the Ferry.


They are the owner of the Ferry. Their business has been severely impacted by the sect disaster.

Thanks to noeinan for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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