Immortal Redneck: How to Fix the Black Screen on Start-up

A very simple fix that you can do by yourself if you experience a black screen at the start-up.


Solution 1 (AppData folder)

The solution to the black screen on start-up is simple:
1. Go to C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\LocalLow\CremaGames\Immortal Redneck\
(“Username” is the nickname that you put when you installed your Windows)

Just copy that adress and paste it in the address bar of your PC.
A;so make sure that

2. Now here comes the important bit.
Some people say to delete the whole “Immortal Redneck” folder BUT if you do that you will also delete your saves and with all that, your progress.

What you really need to do is to delete the “Unity” folder, “Graphics.dat” and “Settings.dat”.
“s.000” and “s.000.bak” are your saves. DON`T delete those. Leave them as they are.
If the Saves files would be corrupted, most probably your progress would be messed up.
Since you don`t have any problem with your in-game progress, I suggest to leave the “s.000.” files alone as they are.

3. Simply start the game from Steam. No need to restart PC or anything.
It will appear a warning message that the game files doesn`t correspond with the ones from the cloud and you could miss your progress if you start the game.
Simply ignore that message and click on “Play Game”.

4. Enjoy your bug-free game! <3

Solution 2 (Cloud saving)

I don`t personally recommend it but since it was posted by someone in the Steam forum of the game, might as well add it here.
Try this solution only if you want to re-download the game and start anew.

1. Turn off cloud saving.
You can do that by going to Steam (top left of the Steam app) -> Settings -> Cloud -> uncheck the
“Cloud syncronization for games that support it”.

2. Uninstall and reinstall the game;

3. Open the game;

4. Select a different save slot inside the game;
Just press Esc in the title screen.

5. Re-enable the cloud saving.

6. Overide the bad save file from the cloud with the new one.

7. Enjoy your game. <3

Written by Rei Ayanami

Post Author: Robins Chew