Impostor Factory: Save File Locations

Impostor Factory is a narrative-driven adventure game that is categorically out of its mind. if you want to find the save file locations for the game. you come to the right place.

Steam Store:

DEVELOPER: Freebird Games
PUBLISHER: Freebird Games


Impostor Factory Save Game Locations

And save paths are like this on each platform:

Windows: [APPDATA]\freebirdgames\impostorfactory
Linux: ~/.local/share/freebirdgames/impostorfactory
Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/freebirdgames/impostorfactory

Credit to Dev Ali


Impostor Factory F.A.Q.:
Q: Is playing To the Moon & Finding Paradise necessary before playing this game?
A: Impostor Factory can be played independently, just like the games before it.

Q: Is Impostor Factory the sequel to To the Moon & Finding Paradise?
A: Maybe not. Maybe it’s a sequel. Maybe it’s a prequel. Maybe it’s both. But again, there is no prerequisite to playing Impostor Factory.

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