Inertial Drift: All Cars Guide

This guide explains the cars of the game, including how to drive them, unlock them, and their strengths and weaknesses.



This game has a lot of cars and they all handle very differently and have their own strengths and weaknesses, and in this guide I will try to explain every car and how they drive.
Some notes before we start though, the letter next to the car’s name is the class that it’s in, so if you choose to play online it we be part of the selectable cars depending on which class you picked. and when I say “oh, this car has good speed!” or “good acceleration” or whatnot, it is comparing the cars to the other vehicles in the same class, if I didn’t do that I would only say the A classes are fast and thats, like, gross, and dumb, and uninclusive.

Terra Dart (C)

Probably the easiest car in the game to use.

The Terra dart specializes in high acceleration, this bad boy can reach top speed in an incredibly low amount of time, the downside is that it’s top speed is the lowest in the game. It can cut all types of corners with incredible ease, but at the cost of losing a lot of speed no matter the drift angle.


Roton Boba (C)

The Roton boba is a really good all-arounder like the Code Gecko, but takes a bit more skill to drive.

This car’s closest Comparison is the Coda Gecko, and the Terra Dart, it has the fast acceleration of the Dart, but retain’s it’s speed like the gecko. You need to turn in advance since it takes a bit to get your drift angle up, low top speed, high acceleration, really good at maintaining it’s speed around corners.


Coda Gecko (C)

Behold, the most basic car in the game. That’s not a bad thing though.

The Coda Gecko is easy to use while still requiring some skill to use, it has a responsive drift as well as being able to cut tight corners, and breaking with a drift angle that is too wide can easily be fixed with a pump of the breaks. This car, in my opinion is the best one for people just starting out, and getting used to the mechanics. It has good all around stats, good acceleration, good handling, good top speed, break and accelerate at the same time with the drift stick to cut corners sharper, etc. Standard.


Venom Ind. Bullet (C)

Baby’s first Terra Gladio.

This car reminds me a lot of the Terra Gladio, you push the stick in the direction you want to go and press the breaks to get a quick drift angle, and do it again to tighten it, and hold it down to turn incredibly tightly. This car has slow drift-turning when not breaking but fast enough where you can go around wider corners and maintain your speed without having to break. My favorite C class to drive. High top speed, high acceleration, the only thing that’s kind of off is the handling but that is an incredibly low bar to pass, an incredibly great vehicle, provided you are good at the game.


HPE Katana (C)

Closest a C class has gotten to an A class, probably tied with potential as the Venom Ind. Bullet, controls similarly as well.

this car has medium top speed and can clear corners very easily, use the break+accelerator to take sharper turns, drift a bit in advance because the drift-turning speed isnt high, that’s about all I got to say about the HPE Katana, very standard, good all around stats, like most cars in it’s class.


Venom Ind. Ventus (C)

Very similar to the Coda Supreno, unimpressive acceleration, but has a high top speed, and if you can maintain it you can be a force to be reckoned with.

the Ventus has a really slow start but then quickly speeds up, has the highest top speed of the class C cars, the drift stick by itself with the accelerator gives you a good drift angle that can pass through many of the corners but occasionally to pass tighter corners you need to hold break before you meet it, you will lose a lot of speed though, holding break with accelerate at the same time will barley change your drift angle.


HPE Dragon (B)

I thought this was a Class A until I was making this guide. Oops.

The Dragon is the hardest campaign car to drive before you get the one after you beat the game, In my opinion this is one of the most difficult cars to drive but it has a lot of potential. The drifting is really slow, can still make very wide corners though, you tap the gas while pushing the drift stick to do a drift, tap it again to make it tighter, super-tight corners require you to hold the break plus the direction on the drift stick for a second, when you let go of the break, start to accelerate again, you will be at a very tight drift angle and you’ll make it. tapping break resets this car’s drift angle, no matter which direction you are pushing on the drift stick.


HPE Jester (B)

This car has a really slick drift style.

Pressing a direction on the drift stick sends this car into a sliding drift that goes all the way to the end, of the angle, breaking only necessary to cut corners at the last second to maintain your speed, incredibly slippery, high acceleration and good top speed, loses a lot of that speed around corners though.


Velox Jet Z 880 (B)

The HPE Dragon’s rival brother, very similar with some difference to the handling.

Really high top speed compared to other cars in it’s class, tapping accelerate with the drift stick down will put you in that angle, do it again for tighter drift, hold break but not at the same time as accelerate to pass tight curves on the map. pretty standard.


Coda Gecko RX (B)

Despite being the tubby version of the Coda Gecko, it’s nothing like it.

Like other class B cars, you tap the acclerator to increase the rate in which your drift angle increases, press break to brace for a super-tight turn, and has good high speed and acceleration. this vehicle is also the only vehicle to not be completely slowed down while in natural terrain, meaning you can abuse it to get through some parts of the map faster. has really good acceleration for it’s size, but loses sped quickly during drift, despite heavier objects having higher inertia.


Roton 7D (A)

Probably my favorite car to use, really good for corners, and maintaining speed, with good timing.

The Roton 7D excels at tighter corners, holding the drift stick land tap the breaks without the accelerator and you’ll cut the corner super tight, it’s a bit difficult to turn wider corners, especially long ones, so what I usually do is wait until the last second and it’ll usually make it. This car has good acceleration, high speed and usual handling, it is best to do the tight drift as late as you can in order to stay in the drift as little as possible because you’ll lose speed.


Coda Chrono (A)

Code Chrono is the most basic of the A class cars, and is really balanced, and has high potential.

The Coda Chrono has a really high top speed, other than that it’s other attributes are okay, it can take corners really well and has a high drift-turn and drift-center rate, this car can be devastating if you can maintain the high speed, similar to the Coda Supreno. tap accelerate to increase drift angle with drift stick down, and break to increase it further and faster for tighter corners. let go of accelerate to reset angle, although it goes down naturally by itself anyway. You are able to play this car in story mode after beating it once with any car.


Venom Ind. Raptor (A)

Venom Ind. Raptor and the Coda Supreno are the best cars in the game. If you look at the time trial scores its all RAPTOR RAPTOR RAPTOR RAPTOR, SUPRENO, SUPRENO, SUPRENO, SUPRENO. they are very similar.

The Raptor is hard to control at first (Took me 2 hours to completely learn it in a practice course) and has the absolute highest potential out of all the cars in the game, some one who can drive this car perfectly, like a machine, can be unbeatable. It has the highest acceleration, and top speed in the game, it is very slippery, it is really easy to spin out in the car by accident if you don’t know how to drive it. in order to take turns you push the drift stick just a little before you meet the turn, with accelerate not pressed down all the way, so you are turned and ready for the first part of the corner, (I guess you could call this your “Initial Drift”), then when you can see you are heading straight into the wall, push down the accelerate and drift stick all the way down, when you are finished turning let go of accelerate or tap the break to reset your drift angle. Breaking in this car only gives you a moderate drift angle, you really wont be using it for corners. Constantly on the verge of time traveling due to high speed.


Terra Gladio (A)

Out of all the cars that can maintain a high speed this one probably can maintain it the easiest.

The Gladio is the stiffest controlling car in the game, in order to increase your drift angle you hold accelerate and tap the break while the drift stick is down, to turn tighter you break before the turn then accelerate and your car will be at a high angle, cannot be done while break and accelerate are down at the same time. Make sure to let go of accelerate or break to reset the angle, this car has really high acceleration and top speed, but is awkward to drive.


Velox Impuls (A)

The drift stick is more or less useless on this car, this car is all about the steering.

The steering on this car influences the drift angle, but only if you are pressing the accelerator and break at the same time, and only to a certain point, it’s best to tap the break for most turns, along with good timing, and hold down the break for a bit longer for tighter corners.


Coda Supreno (A)

Funny Deja Vu car. despite saying in it’s description “outclassed these days” it’s tied with the Raptor for being the best car in the game.

Despite being one of the best cars in the game the Coda Supreno is one of the easiest A class cars to learn to drive. it’s basically all just fundamentals you’ve learned up to this point, break go tappy, drift angle go uppy, that’s basically how you drive the coda supreno. if you are going to hit a wall on a tight turn you can tap the break VERY briefly to have a better chance of getting past it. REALLY slow acceleration and one of the highest speeds in the game, probably second best, right next to the Raptor.

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